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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

I’m thempted to nominate someone but I am not sure if I should given that we still have a lot of unclaiming players. @skeletor @geebizzle @bradburn are you considering coming out today ?

kzz my plan was to come out tomorrow. I’ve told a couple of people my plan. Willing to come out today if it’s really going to help.

I’ve been waffling on this for several hours. I guess I’ll just give it a go:

I nominate kzz

I figure the Tinker stands as a liability for Team Good because a randomly-triggered death could appear as a not-random death. I also have information that (if it turns out to be true, I guess) means either RossM or kzz is lying and COMaestro is vouching for RossM (which doesn’t completely rule out that both RossM and COMaestro are evil, but you gotta start somewhere?)

@GeeBizzle has told me what role they are/claim to be and we discussed their plan a bit. I don’t know what the best thing to do is about sharing is.

For my role, I definitely shouldn’t/don’t want to share it today - it’ll make me a target. We’ll see about tomorrow though.

@pillbox has nominated @kzz. You have 24 hours.

I will nominate afterwards.

Okay I didn’t know if I should nominate you but you are 100% evil. You check the two outsiders on the first night, one of them is suspicious and you want to kill both for no apparent reason.

Like @RossM’s death at least makes some sense because it gives us info, even though I’d have voted no if @comaestro didn’t claim to be his grandmother. But killing me literally just gives a free kill to the godfather.

I have voted.

Also voted. I don’t like the way things are headed.

Also voted

I have whispered to @geebizzle @bradburn and @skeletor

i have voted

Whisper back to @kzz.

I’m not entirely reassured but I’m not sure executing an Outsider is the way forward anymore.

whispered back to @bradburn

whispered back to kzz

I would like to issue a correction on my whispers. But don’t want to send whispers again to not look suspicious: replace sailor with innkeeper. I’m gonna mess up role names once a game apparently.

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So I’m really of several minds at the moment. Here’s what I’m thinking:

If we’re going to execute someone today it should be because we think there’s a good chance they’re evil or because we’ll get information. We’ve got a situation where one of @kzz, @RossM or @pillbox has provided incorrect information, but that doesn’t guarantee evil and also I’m not sure who would be best to kill (as Evil.) To me that suggests we should leave them for now.

We could definitely execute @RossM for information (well, we can’t now) but the cost in collateral deaths would be massive.

I don’t think we have any good options today. How about the rest of you?

I’m torn. On the one hand, a minion (or demon?) claiming Tinker seems like a good plan - it makes it look as if there is a Godfather so people fear executing you and you provide no information so can never be caught lying.

On the other hand, a Godfather claiming to be the Chambermaid and saying one of the Outsiders is evil also seems like a good plan - hoping to leverage their ability by convincing the town to execute one of them.

On the third hand (?!), the Chambermaid could have been poisoned by a Pukka. If we don’t execute them then they would then die tonight… but there are plenty of other ways they could die. Or the Sailor could have gotten them drunk. Sigh.

I have voted

I’m going to let @rossm nominate first, but I also have a nomination after.

Edit: also I whispered back to @GeeBizzle

I have whispered back to @kzz, I have also voted

I have voted