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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

Baws that changes how I would vote.

i have voted

Well then, there seems an increasing number of reasons to keep me alive.

Shall we vote No?

I will nominate afterwards.

Can’t really argue. Voting preference submitted.

geebizzle whispers to RossM and Bradburn

Please note that only private votes count.

@Bradburn has nominated @RossM, you have 24 hours to vote.

Whispers back to @GeeBizzle.

Also, my first actual whispered conversation in Blood on the Clocktower! :smiley:


I have voted

I’m not super into this either but I feel it nescessary to point out the grandmother only dies if the grandchild gets killed by the demon.
Which now means either kill rossm now and confirm pillbox and me. Or let rossm die tonight and confirm comaestro. Still not sure what I should vote.

Fair point about the Grandmother, but the Godfather (assuming we have one) only gets to act if we execute an Outsider rather than if they die to the Demon.

If we execute RossM and everyone has been truthful then we could wake up tomorrow with only four players left alive. Three if I were to gossip a truthful statement. Would we get enough information to justify this?

Yeah that’s why I’m not super into the idea.
But if people are voting no because they think the grandmother would die I wanted to let them know.

I have voted

I have voted

Aw, son of a…

How did I miss that!

Okay, that removes part of my objection. In any case, RossM is legit and is the Regent/Gypsy.

I have privately voted.

So, if we vote to not execute RossM and the demon kills him tonight, allegedly, COMaestro will also die? And then RossM will, allegedly, choose somebody and if that person is good, they will also die? That could be a lot of death in one night.

Despite already having voted, I am still undecided. Certainly the situation I presented would be devastating to the good team (losing 3 people at once) but if we do lose 3 people at once, all three of those people are confirmed as good?

I have voted

And would also really like to know why we are having whispers between two people who haven’t declared thier role yet.

If we’re lucky, we have an innkeeper that can protect RossM tonight, if he’s not executed now.

At this point I’d rather we cut our losses and kill @rossm in a productive way rather than let the demon control the flow of information.

Player Role RossM
kzz alive Yes
COMaestro alive No
Bradburn alive No
pillbox alive Yes
Assussanni alive No
GeeBizzle alive No
RossM alive Yes
skeletor alive No

RossM has received 3 votes, not enough for an execution.

RossM cannot be nominated
Bradburn cannot nominate

5 people voted no and perhaps 5 villagers.