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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

But are you an outsider who thinks he’s a werewolf ?

How would I know?

I’m just going to say that i’m Awesome and should definitely not be killed.

I am also not a werewolf.

Good morning fellow townsfolk. You all know me, I’m the town Gossip.

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I’m just looking through the list of possible characters and it seems like this is going to be a messy game. The Sailor and Minstrel look particularly sloppy with their drunk abilities.

I am not a werewolf!

I’ve read the roles that are possible in this set, yet I’m not sure if I should reveal myself; it kinda depends on who all is willing to reveal their role publicly.

P.S. I secretly (publicly, I guess, now that I’m saying it) hope that we have a Lunatic

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‘We have a lunatic’ would be a great statement for a gossip.

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Morning all, what a lovely day (excepting the town Storyteller’s gruesome death). I’m in the position that I think I should be a bit cagey with my role right now, but suffice to say I am on team townsfolk.

Well, everyone has posted once and all we have so far is a Gossip and one Outsider claimed.

Any advance on this? In particular is anyone else claiming to be an Outsider? This would confirm a Godfather as the Minion.

So we are all good then, Phew, storyteller must have died of natural causes.

I am not an outsider.

Oh I had misread the godfather’s power, I actually have no reason to hide myself.

I’m the tinker. Which means that either @rossm is lying or we have a godfather.

We have a godfather.

Whispering @kzz my identity

I think you’d make an appealing target no matter what for our demon so I think you’re fine revealing.

I am the Regent

What’s a regent?

EDIT: found it. Sorry it’s missing from the character sheet

Yeah it’s the renamed Gypsy: http://bloodontheclocktower.com/wiki/Regent

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They are the same as the Gypsy - in the almanac they are called the Regent while on the character sheet they are called the Gypsy.

When they die, by any means, they must select a player. If that player is good then they (the chosen player) dies. If they are evil, nothing happens.

I would have thought this makes them a target for the Demon and a liability for the good team, so I’m a little surprised at the advice to openly declare the role… although this set looks like it has several ways to protect people, so maybe it’s all part of a plan!

It’s interesting because it’s the first Outsider I’ve seen that isn’t complete liability: the Goon changes team so can’t really be trusted, the Lunatic thinks they’re evil and the Tinkerer might just die. Sure, the Regent might kill a good player but you get useful information.