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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

I did get told by zyleth that I had already used my ability but I assume that doesn’t count as being woken.

I think zyleth May be able to confirm this for me.

Well we know one is the godfather for certain (we have two outsiders). I don’t quite follow the po being dead logic from Bradburn. Sorry bradburn but your not beyond suspicion yet.

Also not sure if a zombul would get woken in the night but a po would have to be as they have a choice to make. A godfather would only get woken if an outsider got killed. Does any of this make sense or have I got confused in the rules again.

One more thing the rules were kinda unclear on, but I’d say the Professor wakes each night, even if their ability is used.

Thanks zyleth.

So I would have been your 1 wake last night Pillbox.

So if i’m Reading this right then Skeletor is not a po.

:ghost: The fact that skeletor didn’t die to RossM’s power makes me think that he should be the top priority for execution.

That no-one died after kzz was executed makes me pretty confident that they were not really an Outsider and therefore evil, which would make Bradburn good. :ghost:

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I’m becoming concerned, however, that we may have a Mastermind. Is it possible to rule out a Mastermind at this time?

It is possible, but is it really a concern? Are we all convinced @skeletor is evil after @RossM’s ability use? If so, he is either the Demon or a minion. If he is the Mastermind (and the Demon has been executed), killing him wins the game for good. If he is the Demon, then time will tell if good wins or not after we kill him.

EDIT: Actually, we have had two people claim that they were told they were the Demon (@bradburn and kzz). Meaning unless one is completely lying, one should be the Lunatic. And I know @RossM was the Regent, so we must have a Godfather, right?

Ahh, yes, I forgot that the Lunatic is an outsider role and we very likely have a Lunatic.

I guess, in that case, we definitely have a Godfather?

In that case shall we go ahead and vote on Skeletor?

Why do we need to kill skeletor?

Because one of kzz and skeletor is the Zombuul and we don’t know which. Executing skeletor today will prevent the Zombuul from killing someone tonight (as they don’t wake up if someone died today.)

Feel free to begin nominations

But you and Kzz both said you were the demon. How can skeletor be the demon?

Well, I thought I was the demon and then worked out that I was the Lunatic. Kzz then claimed that they thought they were the demon and worked out that they were the Lunatic too. One of us must be lying, but just because we’re lying doesn’t guarantee that we’re the demon: we could be trying to protect our real demon overlord.

Just to note, I gave my explanation from the perspective that either of us could be evil but I’m really hoping at this point that I’ve started to earn some trust from you guys and that you might believe that I’m really the Lunatic. :stuck_out_tongue:

:ghost: I feel like yesterday we got to the point where we agreed that two of kzz, Bradburn and skeletor are evil, with kzz and Bradburn both claiming to be the Lunatic/Demon and RossM having pointed at skeletor.

If skeletor was good then he should have died last night to RossM’s ability. I can’t think of any way that is consistent with the information we have that would allow him to survive.

Therefore, one of kzz and Bradburn are good meaning that (a) we have two Outsiders and hence a Godfather and (b) if kzz was good then the Godfather should have killed someone last night.

I can’t see a way that kzz and Bradburn are both evil, which means we either have a Pukka (kzz is good) or a Zombuul (Bradburn is good) and don’t have to worry about a Po triple kill tonight.

In summary I believe we should execute kzz once and skeletor twice over the next three nights. I don’t think the order matters - if we have a Zombuul the game continues with only two players appearing to be alive.

If Bradburn turns out to be the Demon then, quite frankly, well played. :ghost:

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You’re missing a key piece of info. One that could crack this case wide open.
I activated on first night. I can’t be the zombuul.

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Remember we have already killed Kzz once so if we kill kzz again tonight we can leave ourselves open for a possible Zombul kill. The slower and less exciting way is to kill skeletor.

i nominate skeletor

I really wanna see the defence from skeletor for this one.

Geebizzle has nominated skeletor, 2 votes are needed for a successful nomination

I have voted

I have also submitted my preference.