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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

No nomination here

Skeletor voted yes on both. Well played.

Is there much point in nominating Skeletor? I’m worried he is the zombul?

If we’re happy that kzz and skeletor are evil then we’re okay for a couple of days: if we execute kzz today then the Zombuul cannot kill someone tonight, and if we execute skeletor tomorrow then the Zombuul also cannot kill tomorrow.

(And if you’re not sure about skeletor being evil then RossM’s ability will make that clear tonight.)

The only real “problem” day is once both kzz and skeletor have been executed. We’ll need to choose one of them to execute again, as one of them is the Zombuul, and if we choose the wrong one that will give the demon the chance to kill one more person. However that won’t lose us the game I think, it’ll just make things last for one extra day.

:ghost: I agree with Bradburn, I don’t think there is any point in nominating skeletor today. If everything goes to plan then nobody dies tonight, if it doesn’t then I think Bradburn will have some explaining to do… :ghost:

@Zyleth I have a rules question, mostly out of curiosity. The Gossip must make a statement when drunk/poisoned and if they are not drunk/poisoned at night then their ability still occurs. Does the same apply when they are dead, in case they are resurrected for any reason at night? I assume not, but thought I would check.

i have no nominations

Every living person in the village, including kzz, argreed on lynching kzz.
Now, kzz dies and joins the ranks of ghost players. There are 4 living players left.

Night 3 begins.

Death clears all lingering effects, so the new Gossip would not be considered the same as the one that actually said something. Similarly, I would say that if a player bluffs Gossip, and is then changed into a Gossip at night, their ability does not work.

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My understanding is a Zombuul does not kill at night only when no one does that day. We had an execution, so a Zombuul WILL kill tonight if we have one.

The other way around. A player died today, so Zombuul does not kill tonight.


Nevermind, I’m going insane and am lacking in general comprehension.


The night has ended, and everyone survived:

Player Status
kzz dead, 1 vote
COMaestro dead,1 vote
Bradburn alive
pillbox alive
Assussanni dead, 1 vote
GeeBizzle alive
RossM dead, 1 vote
skeletor alive

With 4 players, 2 votes are required for a successful nomination.

:ghost:Shocked, shocked I tell you to see @skeletor still alive!:ghost:

:ghost: Given the roles we have declared, I can’t see any way that skeletor could be good and survive the Regent’s curse. I assume a dead player cannot be poisoned? :ghost:

So same problem really which one is the demon. And po or zombul. pillbox do you have any useful info?

Back to UK time again.

I mean, if you trust me then it’s definitely the Zombuul.

Oh and it’s still super easy actually. If kzz was the Po then they’d be dead and we would have won, so for us to have a Po it must be skeletor and so we should execute him next.

But we actually have a Zombuul, so it could still be either of them, but we should execute skeletor next so that the demon can’t kill tonight either.

I checked skeletor and GeeBizzle and received a result of 1

I choose GeeBizzle because I trust them implicitly so I felt comfortable using them as a control.

What I don’t know is whether a Professor who had already used their power still gets woken.

I’m pretty confident they wouldn’t as they don’t have an ability anymore. @Zyleth will be able to confirm though.

A couple of things I would like to note:

  1. Most of the minions in this set do not have “wake and night and do X” powers
  2. If we have nefarious forces that have the ability to poison, I’m surely one of their top targets.

You were definitely a top target to me when I thought I was the demon as your ability and my inconsistent night time waking were going to be a real problem to my ability to bluff a role.