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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

I have voted

:ghost:So have I…:ghost:

Player Status Bradburn
kzz alive Yes
COMaestro dead,1 vote No
Bradburn alive No
pillbox alive No
Assussanni dead, 1 vote No
GeeBizzle alive No
RossM dead, 1 vote No
skeletor alive Yes

Two votes, not enough for an execution.

kzz cannot nominate
Bradburn cannot be nominated

Interesting to see who voted.

Anymore nominations?

I specifically voted no because I’m of the opinion that kzz is the legit demon. If other people think so as well, I will nominate kzz

Go for it!

I nominate kzz

I will withhold my vote into kzz has a chance to defend themself

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I’ve given @Zyleth instruction on how to vote for the rest of the game.

Imma bow out for personal reasons, don’t wait for me to defend myself I won’t post anymore.

Have fun everyone.

Sorry to hear that Kzz. Take care of yourself.

i have voted

Hope things work out, kzz.

I have voted

Hope everything is okay, kzz.

I have voted

I have voted

I have voted.

Pillbox has nominated kzz, need votes from RossM and Assussanni.

I believe most of my posts in this thread have been about this :smile:

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Give 'em a break. They’ve been dead all day.


Trying to decide whether to use my ghost vote is a weighty decision! And when first hearing about BotC it was this rather than the roles that jumped out at me as the interesting innovation over the versions of Werewolf/Mafia that I have played.

I have voted

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Take care kzz. It has been a real pleasure playing both this game and the last one with you.

Player Status kzz Bradburn
kzz alive Yes Yes
COMaestro dead,1 vote No No
Bradburn alive Yes No
pillbox alive Yes No
Assussanni dead, 1 vote No No
GeeBizzle alive Yes No
RossM dead, 1 vote No No
skeletor alive Yes Yes

kzz has received 5 votes, which is enough for an execution.

pillbox and kzz cannot nominate
Brandburn and kzz cannot be nominated

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No nomination from me.