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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

Um, I wouldn’t say you’ve tried to limit misinformation,

That was a true statement though. You weren’t lying, I was the other outsider, we have a godfather. I bluffed in a way that was functionally indistinguishable from what I am : a useless outsider. I wasn’t gonna go “hey guys I’m the pukka but I’m pretty sure I’m not, don’t kill me kthx”. I lied to protect myself. Not give free kills to the baddies. I didn’t even want to kill you until it was revealed that the demon killing you would give a free kill so there was no point in not executing you.
Like yeah I wasn’t gonna just play poorly on the offchance that I was a lunatic. But of my possible lines, I took the one with maximum laying low and minimum disruption.

Wouldn’t that have been. “I don’t want to tell you who I am, but I’m good?”

No because I wanted to establish trust early on.
I was given tinker, tea lady, or gambler. I wasn’t gonna bluff as either of those and there was no reason the tinker would shut up early on.

Again I’m not saying I played crap on the offchance I was a lunatic. I’m saying that of all the options I had to appear suspicious to screw with town I took none of them. Which makes sense for a demon, and has the added benefit of not screwing town in case I am indeed good. @bradburn played recklessly, which screams minion, or demon who is sure they want to cause mayhem.

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Absolutely! At the start of the game I was sure I was the demon and I wanted things busy so people wouldn’t suspect me. Getting @RossM executed would potentially be a great started to that, what with there being a Godfather and him having a Grandmother.

However I became less certain as the game went on, in no small part due to my interactions with you, @kzz, who was supposed to be my minion. At that point it behooved me to make sure that I knew which team I was on which is why I persuaded @Assussanni to try and confirm the presence of a Lunatic.

Can’t blame a person for behaving like a demon when they thought they were a demon. If you go through the thread history you can see when I started to get quieter as I started to realise something was wrong.

Time for bed now though. I look forward to seeing where we’re up to in the morning all! :slight_smile:

So you admit to engineering the lunatic situation ? Good bluff, screws me out of my claim when I figure it out and protects your demon cuz they have to kill me twice. I’d take a 50/50 shot at dying if it means killing an outsider at this point too. So I guess I’ll go sleep too.
@zyleth there has been a lot of talk. In case you missed it, I nominated @bradburn

Edit: and also I whisper to bradburn

I have voted

I also vote. And now it’s time for bed.

:ghost: Whispers to my fellow ghosts @RossM and @COMaestro to see about co-ordinating ghost votes. :ghost:


And in this moment of grave tension I’d like to take a moment and say that I very much resent this game for making me say a slur which I’ve personally been called multiple times.

If the designers of the game are reading this: mental illness is not a fucking game mechanic. You could have flavoured “thinks they’re the demon” and “must insist they’re another role” a million other ways. Fanatic, possessed, compelled, confused, blackmailed, nerd. Do better.


Well said kzz i hope that similar to gypsy they remove this in the final product.

I’m delaying voting till skeletor tells me who they poisoned for three nights/days.

Unless someone has some strong theories as to who it could be (I.e. not bradburn/kzz theories).

I whisper to @Assussanni and @RossM.

Hey, I’m intentionally not sharing the Demon I’m targeting publicly, so said demon won’t necessarily know tonight whether or not their power will work. However after your professor malarkey I’m pretty sure you are good, so I whisper to @GeeBizzle

kzz has nominated Bradburn, you need 3 votes for an execution.

Timezones seem to be working against me, because nominations always come when I’m going to bed.

I have voted, or not, as the case may be.

A vote is me

i have voted

Still missing votes from @RossM and @Assussanni