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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4


Ah. Read it on my phone so couldn’t tell the difference, sorry.

thanks zyleth


Crap, crap, crap.

Does that mean that killing rossM would kill COMaestro and another player (using the godfather).

If we had a zombul then they would not have been able to kill anyone on day 1 as we killed pillbox. Day 2 we killed no one so they killed RossM taking out all three players with the above combo.

That would mean assussani could be our zombul. Having picked themselves to hide as a corpse.

I feel like everyone e else probably was already thinking this and that i’m being a bit slow.



What does that change ? Assussani can also be a sacrificial lamb. And if we do have a zombuul and we kill a dead player tonight and we’re wrong, we are very screwed because they get a kill and can potentially kill skeletor to screw with our info.

Edit: whispered @zyleth to ask for a rules clarification.


:ghost: Killing RossM by execution would allow the Godfather to kill a player of their choice but would not kill COMaestro.

A demon killing RossM also kills COMaestro but doesn’t allow the Godfather to kill anyone, which is what I think happened last night. :ghost:


Ok panic over missed the execution part. So we still can’t explain assussani dying without a po?


:ghost: Unless there is a Lunatic in play and my own gossip killed me. :ghost:


Which doesn’t help us much as any lunatic claim could be a bluff.


If we have a Pukka and they targeted Assussanni last night, would that “poisoning” effect explain Assussanni dying from their own gossip misfiring?


I’m sorry if I sound a bit on edge since I’m very suspicious but right now if you kill me we literally lose so I’m pretty bent on not dying.

I woull very much like @Bradburn to reveal his role so we can decide which is the best course of action.

As for assussani dying because of a pukka, while technically possible that would be a very harsh move from the storyteller. Quite the poisoned apple.


I’m would love to blame jetlag but I am struggling a bit with the nuances of this rule set. Sorry all.


nvm no whisper I don’t want to add suspicion.


Alright, time to put things on the line. I believe that I am the Lunatic. Here’s a copy of the message that I whispered to @RossM and @Assussanni most recently:

I now believe that I am the Lunatic. On the first night I was informed that I am the Zombuul and that kzz is my minion. During my whispers with kzz something seemed off about their messages, they didn’t quite respond how I expected. Because of that I persuded Assussanni to do the Lunatic test and I believe it was positive.

Last night I chose to kill COMaestro. I believe the demon chose to kill RossM, which would also kill COMaestro as their Grandparent, and that Assussannni’s ability killed themself. Based on how the game works I believe the real demon must be a Zombuul too.

pillbox is now alive which must be due to the Professor. GeeBizzle already told me that they’re the Professor (I assume they told RossM the same thing.) If that’s the case then that leaves kzz and skeletor as the baddies.

So that’s pretty much where I’m up to. I know that the demon is a Zombuul (and I’m pretty sure that it’s not me), I know there’s a Godfather as we have two outsiders, myself and @RossM, and I know that @kzz is evil as if they were good they would have immediately reported my Day 1 whisper about being evil to the rest of the group.

@kzz is trying to convince the group to kill me because as an Outsider my execution will trigger the ability of the Godfather. I’m not sure which of @kzz or @skeletor is the demon, but if we execute one of them today it will stop the Zombuul killing tonight.


Called it.

I guess it’s fifty fifty then. I have nothing to add for myself other than: this is super convenient !
Kill three people and then come up for an excuse for why you believe you’re the lunatic, then get the outsider killed for the godfather. And obviously we can’t kill you now because if you’re an outsider then we’re very much screwed.

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot more to contribute other than my hot takes on public info, but the tinker doesn’t get much.

I nominate @Bradburn


I’m on board with not killing kzz.

I do urge people to reveal now as a bad pick here is game over.

Edit hadn’t read the last two posts before this posted.


You called it because you know it’s true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying that I am (or represent) the Po?


Po or shabbaloth yeah.


@kzz please can you list who you think Everyone is please.

@Bradburn the same please.


My best guess:

@RossM regent
@COMaestro grandmother
@kzz tinker
@skeletor courtier
@geebizzle professor
@Assussanni gossip
@bradburn shabbaloth
@pillbox godfather

That would explain why I was incorrectly read on the first night.


@kzz - Zombuul or Godfather
@COMaestro - Grandparent
@Bradburn - Lunatic
@pillbox - Chamberperson (resurrected)
@Assussanni - Gossip
@GeeBizzle - Professor (ability now used)
@RossM - Regent
@skeletor - Zombuul or Godfather

I was a little unsure if @skeletor or @GeeBizzle was the other evil person. GeeBizzle did claim Professor in whispers quite early on and now @pillbox has been resurrected, so I feel if @skeletor was actually the professor they would have disputed the claim already.

Now that @kzz has put up their list:

I don’t see how the Shabaloth could engineer 0 kills on the first night. @Zyleth might be able to rule but I assume they have to target two seperate people, so a Shabaloth could have targetted the executed @pillbox to limit themselves to one kill but then someone else would have died as we don’t have any roles that grant protection.

It’s a nice bit of deception though because with this claim you’re now throwing doubt on the allegiance of @pillbox, who normally would now be proven good due to resurrection by the Professor.