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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

I believe it’s more likely a 2-person kill, if we can believe the Grandmother/Grandchild scenario (which seems likely and likely the reason they were the ones killed). So if a Pukka targeted RossM to get COMaestro as well, I’m not sure how to explain Assussanni’s death.

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I think by not assuming po we are over complicating this. But that is based on you trusting me being the professor.

I had been unsure on resurrection of pillbox but the double kill made me certain.


The revenant points at @skeletor

I would like @rossm to target me with the thingy. It would allow me to confirm something.

That’s bad timing!

Oh well. I won’t be able to confirm what I was suspicious of.

It could be possible that we have an Assassin alongside a Pukka, and evil coordinated to give the possible appearance of a Po.

I’ve thought about it some more and have decided I will reveal who I am after all. For you see I am your friendly local courtier. I was reticent to reveal, because I learned that if I am killed the effect of my poisoning ends immediately. However, if I name the correct demon, then they can’t kill me for 3 nights, which could buy us some time. My plan is to name a demon tonight, with my best guess at what we might have. If I’m right, we get a few days protection. If I’m wrong there is probably a good chance I’ll get gobbled up.

Oh man, I didn’t want to die tonight!

Very well.

Nominations are open. 5 players are alive, so 3 votes are required for an execution.

:ghost: On the first day I gossiped that there were not two Outsiders in play. Nobody died. Given all that has happened since I don’t think I was drunk or poisoned, so I think we have a Godfather and two Outsiders.

On the second day I gossiped that there was a Lunatic in play. Three people died. This could be because I was correct and a demon killed RossM or I was wrong and a Po killed the three of us. Given that no-one has claimed Sailor/Innkeeper/Tea Lady a Shabaloth seems unlikely because there would have been another kill the night before. :ghost:

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So Skeletor is out of the nomination pool. All that we can definitively say is if they survive tonight then they die tomorrow.

Bradburn seems the next likely nomination?

Not yet ready to nominate but we should kill someon. In case there is a zombuul so they can’t kill skeletor to make him believable.

I would also say @bradburn would be the best target given all that we (don’t) know.

Has anyone got any information to support bradburn being a good guy?

I suspect that if we have a po we will have another zero kill night. This will leave us with just one more day of play. So whomever we kill needs to leave us with a better than 50/50 chance of killing the demon. Which means we need to execute someone tonight.

The worst case scenario right now is that Skeletor lives because they are evil. We then don’t know if they are the minion or the demon tomorrow.

My current theory is that kzz is our po and Bradburn the godfather. When Kzz was nominated on the first day bradburn got quite chatty. Also Kzz looks happy to throw Bradburn under the bus.

Just a hunch I am probably way off.

You are and honestly if we didn’t have a godfather I’d be happy to nominate myself for death tonight. But as it stands, if you kill me and skeletor isn’t evil, we straight up lose tonight.

If we kill bradburn and skeletor dies tonight there would be 3 of us with a confirmed good player and you. The literal 50/50 you’re asking for.

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Sound logic.

So really the only option is to nominate bradburn then?

Edit: playing out the other scenario, if you are evil and skeletor dies then isn’t it also a win for team evil. Damn this game

Yeah but that requires the demon to make a kill, which they might not be able to, if they’re a zombuul or an unlucky poison demon. Whereas if you kill me no matter what, we lose.

Note also if we kill the godfather we lose another player tonight.


“If I was executed today a player dies tonight”

From the player sheet

It’s “If 1 was executed…”

Godfather only kills if an Outsider dies.