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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4


The night ends, and when the village wakes up, they discover something very strange.

Despite being executed twice, @pillbox is alive.
However, as if to counterbalance this, you find @COMaestro, @Assussanni and @RossM dead.

Player Status
kzz alive
COMaestro dead,1 vote
Bradburn alive
pillbox alive
Assussanni dead, 1 vote
GeeBizzle alive
RossM dead, 1 vote
skeletor alive

Day 3 has began


I have a theory that we do not have a Po, but that instead we have a Lunatic, @Assussanni’s death was from the Gossip making a true statement, and I died because @RossM was killed by the real Demon.

It may be a stretch, but it makes no sense for a Po to target me when killing RossM would get me as a freebie.


Unless they anticipated this reasoning and so thought this would be an excellent smokescreen… I’m starting to realise in this game that “x demon would never do this” is an excellent reason to suspect that they did this.

In other news, I think the time may have come for me to reveal who I am, but first I need to clarify a rule with our storyteller.
I whisper with zyleth


Urk. After conferring with the storyteller I conclude that perhaps I had better stay quiet after all…

On a different note, I assume pillbox’s miraculous resurrection was the result of either @Bradburn or @GeeBizzle being the professor? As far as I can see, it’s either that, or we have a Shabaloth, which I still think is unlikely? Although that could match tonight’s death pattern (i.e. killing RossM and Assussanni, and getting COMaestro as a freebie).


If assussani died because of the gossip, who did rossm target ?


:ghost:I haven’t targeted anyone, because I have to do it now, and publicly. :ghost:


:ghost:Any reason to think we don’t have a po?:ghost:


I’ve got a couple of theories that I’d like to run by people, so whispering some reliable sorts:

Whispers to @RossM
Whispers to @kzz
Whispers to @Assussanni

Also, I hope @pillbox is doing okay physically and mentally: two executions and a resurrection has got to take it out of a person!


Whispers back to @Bradburn.


Whispers to @Bradburn


whispers back to @bradburn


:ghost:Just waiting on a whisper, then I will point.:ghost:


I professored pillbox. I didn’t get a chance to whisper to anyone. After our double kill failed and fearing a three hit kill last night I thought it would be a good time to get someone back.

Sorry pillbox.


Not making any accusations but. Shabbaloth choses pillbox as their two targets (presumably to lay low). Then tonight kills rossm and assussani, getting the granma kill. Pillbox either get spat back or professored depending on who you trust.

Or is there a way for there to be 3 outsiders ?


:open_mouth: You would not believe the night I had!

Well, any way, I assure you that whether it was GeeBizzle professoring or being spat out of the gob of the Shabbaloth, I am happy to be alive again. I tend to believe it was GeeBizzle because they have been dropping hints that we might have a Professor.

Though, in a game this small, a Shabbaloth disguised as a Professor would be quite ingenious (so we can’t quite rule that out).

Last night, having just been wrenched back alive, I returned to my duties as a Chamberwomanvalet and visited the privies of RossM and COMaestro. Neither of these two people had awoken during the night… though that now seems obvious (seeing as they were obvious targets for the demonic forces).


I had revealed myself as the professor to a few people.

Seems unlikely that so many events conspired to give us a three person kill after no kill on night 1.


My current best theory is that we have a Pukka that targeted me on the first night.


I think it’s a po with the 3 person kill.

I don’t think we have a lunatic. And I know I brought you back from the dead… muah ha ha!

Looking back of the declared people only Kzz survived last nights cull. Bradburn and skeletor are still undeclared and I now completely trust Pillbox and know that i’m Good obviously. Can someone confirm that I whispered my role earlier?

Neither bradburn or skeletor have publicly contributed any benefit from their skills but their are skills that should be kept secret.

In my mind we have 3 possible evil players left (assuming team evil hasn’t killed one of their own).

The tinker seems an odd role to hide behind. If we trust kzz then our godfather is in play. Did assussani gossip on this?

So my theory is… If bradburn and skeletor are not outsiders then they are team evil. If One of them is an outsider then kzz is evil with another the other undeclared player.

Takes a deep breath and pauses to await all the holes in his logic.

Kzz- tinker A
COMaestro - grandmother
Bradburn - ? A
Pillbox - chambermaid A
Assussani - gossip
GeeBizzle - professor A
RossM - Regent
Skeletor - ? A

Edit: added A’s for alive players


whispers to RossM


I think the read is pretty spot on with one exception. I agree that one of @bradburn and @skeletor is evil but I don’t know if both of them are. I can confirm that you claimed professor prior to the regurgitation, but professor is still the most obvious bluff for a shabbaloth. Assussani could also be a minion who got sacrificed to lend credence to the idea that there is a lunatic.

Of @bradburn and @skeletor I’m more suspicious of @Bradburn partly because of whisper stuff, but mostly because of that day one nomination of rossm. We were already discussing the nomination and rossm was gonna nominate himself. There was no need to rush things along and it screwed us big time (granted because of a rules misunderstanding).

I have nothing on skeletor, no reason to believe he’s either good or bad.