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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

Feel free to use me as a receptacle of sensitive information you anonymous players.

I will note that I don’t receive my information on the first night until after some roles that could potentially make me drunk, meaning I would have false information. It’s doubtful I was drunk though, so it seems to be a safe bet that were RossM evil, I would be too. I’m not evil though.

Oh, I thought of another possibility as to why no one died last night. If we have a Minstrel and @pillbox was a minion, all players would be drunk until dusk today, so even the Demon’s powers won’t work.

We will soon find out what happened last night. Fingers crossed we don’t lose half our population.

On a real life note i’m switching Time zones tomorrow. Will be in Ann Arbor in Michigan till Friday next week. Should still be in the game without much issue. Got a Sunday to find some board game shops though. Woohoo!

I waive my nomination today incase i’m Slowing things down.

Player Role pillbox
kzz alive yes
COMaestro alive yes
Bradburn alive yes
pillbox dead, 1 vote no
Assussanni alive yes
GeeBizzle alive no
RossM alive yes
skeletor alive yes

Pillbox has received 6 votes, and will be executed unless someone else gets at least 6 votes. Any more nominations/day actions?

kzz cannot nominate
pillbox cannot be nominated

I’m intrigued that pillbox voted against there own execution after encouraging us all to vote on them. I’m back to suspecting a double bluff. DAMN THIS GAME!

Pillbox only has one vote for the rest of the game.

no nomination for me

No noms from me.

No nomination from me at this time.

Doh! Good point.

Suspicions removed completely. Palm firmly planted on head.

no noms from me

Actually, that makes me wonder. Does a Zombuul who has been executed once only have one more vote for the rest of the game? I would say no, as they are not really dead, they just appear to be. However, if they were to vote more than once, they would be revealed for what they are, so it would have to be something to hold out on revealing until the end of the game.

Interesting point. But in the real game they could use the vote and then sneakily play a second vote in the final round when all is lost. Would make for a brilliant “wuh!” Moment.

As long as they appear dead, they are subject to the Ghost Vote limitation.

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I have no nomination

Since it doesn’t look like there will be another nomination, I guess I’ll also gossip. I don’t really have anything more to go on compared to yesterday, so I’ll do my best to confirm the two Outsiders: “I heard a most unsettling thing recently, there is a Lunatic somewhere in this town.”

No nomination from me

Also I have whispered with RossM and kzz

Gossip noted. I believe everyone but @COMaestro has either nominated or declared they will not nominate.

Sorry, thought I had already posted. No nomination

I have whispered back.

The village has chose to execute pillbox again, just to be sure.

@pillbox is successfully executed, but you cannot kill that which has no life. Pillbox is not a Zombuul

Feel free to re-narrate your re-death.

Night 2 begins, again, either tell me your action or like the message.


The ghastly visage of pillbox watches uneasily as the townsfolk lynch up his lifeless corpse.

:ghost: “I know that I agreed to this, but it sure is unsettling…” :ghost:

Watching his body drop and sway from side to side would have made him vomit if, well, he wasn’t a ghost.