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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

All right. Everyone seemed to want to play Bad Moon Rising, so that’s what we are going with.

11 villager slots + 2 traveler slots, as in the last game. If you want, you can sign-up as a reserve player so that other players will be added to the game before you.


  1. RossM
  2. Bradburn
  3. COMaestro
  4. pillbox
  5. kzz
  6. Assussanni
  7. GeeBizzle


  1. skeletor

BMR Almanac: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jMMLVmbu4v_ksP7fX65LE8MJXeUmEfDp/view
BMR character sheet: BMR.pdf (2.0 MB)
Wiki: http://bloodontheclocktower.com/wiki/Bad_Moon_Rising

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Rules clarifications:

Pukka breaks the rules
The general rule in Clocktower is that abilities are tied to the role. If you are killed or poisoned, all of your current abilities cease immediately. However, based on discussion in the Discord, Pukka’s poison/kill ability breaks this rule and works independently of Pukka’s current status.

So, for example: Night 0, Pukka poisons player A. On day 1, Minstrel makes everybody drunk. On night 1, Pukka chooses player B, but the ability malfunctions meaning player B is not poisoned and will not die on night 2. However, player A does die

Zombuul breaks the rules
Technically, players are allowed to execute a dead player in any set. Normally, this makes no sense, but against a Zombuul this is normally the way to win the game. Executing a normal corpse does nothing but end the day and waste a day.

Zombuul is technically a living player while undead, but because they appear dead they cannot nominate and must spend their ghost vote to vote. If a drunk Zombull is killed for the first time, they become dead instead of undead. If a Zombuul becomes drunk while undead, they lose their concealment and the village is informed that they are alive again. When the drunkenness wears off, they “die” once more.

Shabaloth breaks the rules
If a player spends their ghost vote and is then brought back to life, they can vote as any living player could. However, if they die again, their ghost vote is still spent. The dead player brought back to life can be one Shabaloth devoured last night, or the one before, or even a player that was dead before Shabaloth devoured them (wondrous creatures, they are).

Po breaks the rules
Po doesn’t really, but it would be mean to leave it out.

What on earth is going on with the Goon?
So, the Goon is a very simple outsider that starts the game as a good character, and can swap back and forth during the game. Playing as the Goon is super simple, you wake every night to find out whether you are good or evil. And any abilities that “specifically affect you” misfire, so…

Wait. Specifically affect you. Well, abilities that target people affect you if a person points at you, that is clear. Abilities like Minstrel that hit the whole village not specify you, so they work normally. But what about Tea Lady, who makes the two roles next to them unkillable. Is that affecting you specifically all the time? Or none of the time, because it does not specify you, only the seats next to the Tea Lady. Does the ability malfuction only when it would save you, or does it permanently malfunction?

What about Mastermind? “If a player is then executed, they lose”. Does that specify you if you are killed. Yes, because it would make you lose? No, because it could have targeted just anyone, and you just happened to be the one it affected? What about Assassin, who kills people " even if for some reason they could not"? Surely that includes the Goon as well? Well, apparently not, because you make their ability malfunction, including that part. (In the Goon almanac Assassin trumps Goon, in the Assassin almanac Goon trumps Assassin, so even the developers have problems with the ability)

In this PBF, Goon only triggers from roles that specifically target you: Grandmother, Sailor, Chambermaid, Exorcist, Innkeeper, Gambler, Regent, Lunatic, Godfather, Devil’s Advocate, Assassin and all Demons. You can die to a Gossip’s guess (affecting you at random) be poisoned by Courtier (affecting your role, not you) or be forced to lose by the Mastermind (affecting the lynched player, whoever they are). Also, if an ability that targets multiple character targets you first, it malfunctions immediately (A Shabaloth decides to kill Lunatic, then Goon? Lunatic dies, Goon lives. Kill Goon, then Lunatic? Both live)

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5 Townsfolk, 1 Outsider, 1 Minion and 1 Demon.

Player Status
kzz dead, 1 vote
COMaestro dead,1 vote
Bradburn alive
pillbox alive
Assussanni dead, 0 votes
GeeBizzle alive
RossM dead, 1 vote
skeletor dead, 1 vote

Sign me up.

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I would like to play and I will do everything I can not to go MIA for a week. :confused:

Also if people could avoid claiming the same role as me this time around, that would be appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m in, but only if I can be Bradburn’s role. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in

I’m in

I’m in, and already intimidated by the rules clarifications.

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I’m in. Promise not to kill myself this time


S&V in incredibly confusing, but after all the chaos you can find a surprisingly well-built set. The interactions between roles are mostly intuitive and it is easy to follow what the intent of most abilities is.

In BMR, the roles themselves are rather simple: however the interactions are not. Assassin can kill anything ignoring defenses, but Goon makes any ability malfunction. Is this a defense? (No, so the Goon survives). Also, Pukka is an incredibly devious Demon, but poisoning and malfunctions cripple it, because it basically kill and setups a kill in one night, hereby the delay kill happens even without the ability. This is perfectly logical: after all, killing a poisonous creature does not remove the poison from you. Sadly, in normal Clocktower it does. And don’t even start about the Goon’s “affects you specifically”.

Basically, S&V is a war about information: good roles gain tons of it, while evil roles negate it (Pit-Hag swap roles invalidating it, Cerenovus forces you to make up info, Fang Gu can make all info about the Demon void by finding a new target, Vortox confuses info, but also provides players with it). Because all the chaos is about info, players don’t really get into crazy situations.

BMR is a war, with multiple kills, killer minions, characters that ignore death, executions without death, executions of the dead, townsfolk that attack others and so on. The abilities are no longer “find out about X”. They are “do this cool thing” and when those things clash they cause a headache to the GM. (The Chambermaid wants to know whether the Shabaloth woke up on night 0? Well, they did see the minions, does that count? (No))

Count me in (with the caveat that I will step aside for players who weren’t in the last game if necessary).

Edit: Small note, there is a character that seems to be called the Regent in the Almanac, but the Gypsy on the character sheet. Otherwise they seem to run the same.

It looks like we aren’t getting any more players. Are people fine with an 8 player game?

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Less is more!

8 sounds good. :slight_smile:

8 sounds like a great player count for PBF format.

All right, I’ll start crafting an 8-player set then.

If no modifiers are in play, you have 5 Townsfolk, 1 Outsider, 1 Minion and 1 Demon.

Player Role
kzz alive
COMaestro alive
Bradburn alive
pillbox alive
Assussanni alive
GeeBizzle alive
RossM alive
skeletor alive

Night 0 has began

With a game this small, it might be possible to track which players have night actions by checking the login times. To avoid this, everyone should like their role post, so that I can track when everyone has logged in.


Everone has received their information, so day 1 begins!

I am going to take a page from @RossM’s playbook and state that I am not a werewolf.

(With my own addition of “Or evil of any kind.”)

No. I am not a werewolf.

I am an Outsider.