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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3


@quiddle takes @GeeBizzle’s keys away, starts brewing a pot of coffee, and whispers back.

EDIT: By the way, for the benefit of everyone else, our plan is that GeeBizzle will nominate first, for reasons that will become apparent. My preference is for this to be the only nomination today, but we can figure that out later.


It’s my understanding there was not supposed to be a drunk


I think GeeBizzle may be an IRL drunk atm. :wink:


Then what am I going to do with all this gin?


I love rap!


Na na na na na na na yeah

Na na na na na NA!



I, too, get jiggy wit it. It is, colloquially speaking, my jam.


geebizzle whispers to quiddle

“Has someone seen my keys?”


This game is affecting how I play other games. Playing Hanabi IRL and making riskier moves than I normally would while saying “BOLD MOVES!” As in, I randomly picked one of three cards in my hand that I had no info about, played it, and it was actually a playable card.


I will say nothing except that I am a villager, and you are all suspect.


I would like to hear @Bradburn respond to this allegation.


Bradburn is temporarily unavailable, and will start posting in a couple of days. Kinda my fault, should have clarified when the game will start in the opening post.


I’d be quite interested to hear what Bradburn has to say too! That said, I am a patient Skelly, so it sounds like they’ll pop up when they can. :slight_smile:


I certainly would like more time to reread all these new roles.


Just so it doesn’t raise suspicion. I’ve not nominated yet as people seem to want more time.


I think we should at least hear something from everybody before nominations begin.


Still no news from @Bradburn.

We can either:

  1. Continue to wait
  2. Try to find a replacement player
  3. Start a new game


EDIT: Any volunteers for a replacement player?


Replacement player seems easiest; I think it’s worth getting moving.


Agreed, I think starting or setting a harder start time makes sense (both of which probably involve getting a replacement player I guess)


I’d hate to just start over. Dropping him would be easiest, but there’s every possibility he is a critical role, like the Demon, and we can’t just do that. Therefore, seeing if we can get a replacement player is the best option.