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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3


Not a game comment but it’s the week-end and some people haven’t even posted yet, shouldn’t we wait on nominations until the game has actually begun for everyone ?


I have to agree.


cool. Happy to wait to nominate.

Edit: didn’t realise 4/5 people were yet to join in.


Well, I went out drinking other people’s brew last night and this morning there are 89 messages…

@kzz’s plan makes sense to me, if a relevant person is prepared to do it. And for what it’s worth (very little), I claim townsfolk.


@kzz whispers to @RossM @quiddle and @GeeBizzle separately


@kzz (and everyone else) with participation and time, your privileges automatically become less restricted. Read topics, give “Likes.” A mod flag can work, too, but most people or the system only flag bad or questionable stuff for mod attention, not regular stuff that just takes care of itself.

Try sending a PM now, it looks like you have been bumped recently by the system (not me, I just saw this now or I would have done it myself). If it’s still a problem, let me or any other mod/admin know.
@username in any non-private post that they haven’t been invited to will cause the user to get a notification if you still have problems PMing people.


Yup, I can send PMs now ! Thanks :smiley:


Awesome! OK, let’s get back to the game!


@RossM whispers back to @kzz


Whispers back to kzz


Friends, I have returned. So, not to throw a spanner in anybody’s machinations above, but I have important information for my fellow townsfolk.

The first thing I want to share is that I am your friendly Juggler. I feel it is best to share this info now, as I must make my guesses today in public, so it would be kind of hard to avoid sharing who I am. The tricky part is that it will be difficult for me to make any specific guesses without information on who some folk are. I’d appreciate any guidance or advice on how you all think I should proceed with this.

The second, and I suspect more incendiary thing, is that you need to know that I have an evil twin. My evil twin is known to you all by the name @Bradburn, who I notice has been silent so far. For IRL reasons, or for EVIL reasons? Regardless, everybody will have a tricky decision to make at some point. Until we kill Bradburn, good cannot win. However, if you execute me, Evil wins immediately.

Are we having fun yet? XD


Under advisement, i’m The barber my nomination is gonna be around this fact. Might help people decide on powers etc… skeletor you may want to hold back until I nominate.

I think bradburn is getting an evil goatee fitted.


I am having some serious deja vu.

Two players “confirm” each other and must be legit.
I think I trust GeeBizzle, and GeeBizzle shares a plan with me.
There is a 50/50 chance we lose if we kill Bradburn.
All we need now is player to dramatically point at COMaestro and use their one shot power…


To be clear. I’m confirming COMaestro, COMaestro isn’t confirming me.


Whispers to @kzz


Whispered back to @wentwj


I don’t have anything to say that I can’t say publicly once nominations happen.


Whispers @quiddle


@quiddle whispers to @GeeBizzle

I am being firmly pushed in the direction of one particular theory, which makes me very suspicious because I think most Day 1 theories are probably garbage.


quiddle receives a firm whisper from me.

Shits happening. Deal with it!

Also i’m Drunk listening to rap music!