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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3


There’s not really any reason to do this privately. Yes, I suspect kzz is Dreamer.


I’ve let quiddle know my plan. I’m waiting to see if any better info turns up then i’ll explain to everyone when I nominate.


I think I will have something important to suggest pre nomination… also I think my trust level was just upped so I can send whispers, but to fully disclose I did send a whisper to @COMaestro


I whisper back to @wentwj


@quiddle whispers to @wentwj


I will not yet address the accusations of oneiromancy as I still believe we should limit public role claims at least until we hear from our outsiders.

If there’s info you feel I should know and you trust me, feel free to whisper me.


Continued whispering to @COMaestro and @quiddle (independently)


Just for clarity:

Per the rules, “Madness” is a term that means “you are trying to convince the group of something”.

So, if you are trying to convince the group about your role, you are considered “mad” about being that role.

If the Mutant is caught being mad about being the Mutant, the Storyteller might execute him.

Similarly, if you are NOT caught being mad about being whatever role the Cerenovus chose for you, then you might be executed.

That sound right to everybody?


I think it’s being mad about being “an outsider” and not specifically being the mutant.

[EDIT] honestly, Mutant looks like absolutely the hardest thing for both the player and the ST.


You are absolutely correct, thank you.

EDIT: To be fair, I was looking at the text on the Mutant token, which says mad about being the Mutant. Hope that gets fixed for the physical release. Rules overall say Outsider though.


@quiddle whispers to @zyleth


I think I am being played like a fiddle.


Hard not to when your name rhymes with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


@quiddle whispers to @GeeBizzle


Friends, I have important information to share that I don’t have time for right now for IRL reasons, but would very much like to share before we start nominating. I will be back in a few hours.


geebizzle has a confused discussion in the corner with quiddle


You guessed right, but I have more thoughts on this that I will share publicly after nominations.


Good morning everyone. Things look very busy in quiddle district. While we wait for everyone to come in and gradually build this horrible web of whispers I’d like to expand on my outsiders proposal because it’s very much an either we all agree or it doesn’t work kind of deal :

My proposal is that before any townsfolk reveal their role, our klutz, mutant, or barber come out and we exectute them, our sweetheart stays in hiding. In a magical world where everyone agrees with this the following cases appear :

  • 0 outsiders : we have a sweetheart and no fan gu.

  • 1 outsider : we may or may not have a sweetheart and a fangu, or no sweetheart and no fang gu. Either way we execute the outsider.
    -if the mutant came out they are probably already dead and we now know of a good player with absolute certainty.
    -if the barber came out with this little info the demon can’t do a lot, and even risks helping us if they’re unlucky.
    -if the klutz came out i’m confident we could confirm at least one player as definitely good, because at that point we’d be free to share roles. If we can’t it’s still an 8/11 chance which is best odds we’re gonna get. And if we DON’T lose the game that means we know of one good player with absolute certainty.

-2 outsiders : there’s a fang gu in our midsts. We execute one today, one tomorrow (or just one today in case of a mutant). The fang gu cannot jump into the second outsiders as that would be a game losing move.

Evil could bluff those results, but that would be at the cost of their lives which I’m super fine with.
We can only get absolute info from that gambit today because from the first night on evil can start messing with us (wont give specifics so I don’t look like I’m giving advice to evil).

If there is no pit hag in play, I don’t see a way for evil to exploit this plan. If there is… we’ll cross that bridge when we get there…

Now this isn’t magical consensus land and we only get reliable info if everyone agrees to it, but we also won’t get a 11/11 vote because well even if we do all actually agree evil will find its way to screw the vote. But if enough people come in favor of that plan, then we can act on a pseudo consensus : if enough of us agree with this plan and earnestly use the info we got from it, then the damage outsiders do by staying hidden will be greater, giving the more incentive to reveal. aka: the strategy in chicken where you just throw your steering wheel out the window.

Note that even if we don’t reach a (pseudo) consensus and people don’t agree with my plan, I still think outsiders should reveal even if it gives us no info on a potential fan gu.

For the people who think this is not worth the loss of a good player : we are currently at peak intel, it’s all going downhill from here. We need to solve this as fast as possible, because with each passing night, things are going to get more and more confusing. Also, I’m convinced we don’t have a vortox today but I’m the only one afaik, so we’re probably going to execute someone. What would you rather have : a guaranteed useful kill, or a 25% chance at hitting an evil player ?

If you’re an outsider who doesn’t like that I’m strongarming them into essentially killing themselves : we would trust you. That would allow you to be much more active in the rooting out of evil than hiding, delaying inevitable death and probably hurting us in the process. We have the power to just rip the bandaid and move on.

If I may ask all of you to voice your support, or refusal, of my proposal so I can be clear on whether this is a line we can go on or if we should pursue something else something like “I agree/disagree with @kzz and I am/am not an outsider”. I’ll start:

I agree with myself and am not an outsider.


agree wholeheartedly just waiting on skeletor before I start moving things along.


I’m going to be getting drunk this afternoon drinking home brew and trying ricochet poker so will probably make my nomination at 12 today UK time. Before i’m too lubricated and cock it up.

Edit: or before someone else jumps in and ruins my plan.