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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3


@COMaestro whispers back to @kzz
@kzz whispers back to @COMaestro

@COMaestro is legit and we do not have a Vortox in play.


Thanks. I got so used to the old character set. I don’t find this one as a-peal-ing.


It may just be PTSD from the trifecta of trust in the last game, but I’ll need the receipts on this one, and even then I’m not so sure.


To be fair, I cannot say if @kzz is legit or not, as she could be an evil player bluffing in our exchange.

EDIT: But I want to believe her, as I really don’t want there to be a Vortox.


Ok, are you just trying to get yourself killed by breaking madness and suggesting Klutz? (The icon for Klutz is a banana peel.) Or are you a gonzo minion that is going for maximum suspicion?

Edit: my mind actually went to Town Crier first, because of the ringing bell symbol (peal), and because I instantly go for the most complicated explanation possible.


The spelling of “peal” lends to that conclusion.


I love how we’re already down to analysing individual syllables. :rofl:


Honestly I’m fine with this for now as long as we agree on the fact that you are town.

I may have made a mistake in not confirming myself to you rather than the other way around but I think you can tell why I felt confortable enough to reveal my role but not enough to reveal my info.


I’m trying to parse what possible role/logic could reveal this information using two people and a tentative trust?

[EDIT] Nevermind, I figured it out… I think


Oh, what the heck.

@quiddle whispers to



geebizzle whispers back to quiddle

Gets a rules clarification from zyleth.


Same, but not sure. Messaged to compare notes.


Whispered back to @quiddle


I will be whispering @COMaestro as soon as I can figure out how to initiate a whisper on mobile


I have a nomination i’m going to make but going to wait to let everyone get a say.


I will assist.

I whisper “What’s up?” to @wentwj


Lots of whispering going on in the village, poor Zyleth has little idea what is happening.

Good idea. Nominations will open some time after everyone has gotten the chance to speak. The weekend might be slow for me, but I will try to check what is happening.
As usual, the 24-hour nomination timer does not run on weekends.


Ok folks, I think I know which demon is in play. Unless people are lying? But they wouldn’t do that, would they?


Seriously? You obviously got some interesting notes compared then, because I don’t see anything that was shared publicly that indicates anything about our Demon.

EDIT: Obviously not including @kzz’s claim that there’s no Vortox.
(I keep wanting to call it Vortex or Botox :P)


The first day is barely started and already GeeBizzle wants to nominate?

I think we need to be cautious that we don’t kill off somebody who is being quiet because they won’t get information until the first night, though perhaps GeeBizzle is the Flowergirl?