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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3


To explain their sustained living beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Seems suspicious.


I want to talk to a good player once I know who one is.


Me too! I desperately want to whisper, but I don’t trust any of you.


If the evil team could just raise their hands so that we know who we can’t trust, that’d be great!


Whisper to @COMaestro.

As soon as I find out how.


Looking around the room looks like only RossM has his hand up.


Click on the persons name and hit message.


As a new user, you may need to have a moderator flag you so that you can start conversations with other members. Paging @MinuteWalt?


You people and your lack of whispers. It’s not like anyone tracks them.

@RossM whispers to @pillbox

What can I say? Somethings you just have to shout from the rooftops…


@pillbox whispers back to @RossM


geebizzle whispers to quiddle


I’m assuming he’s mad, which would confirm a Cerenovus.


I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

I’d rather we tried to limit other reveals though.


To make things simpler:

I whisper “What’s up?” to @kzz


I suppose we want to wait to find out if anyone has anything useful to reveal.


Still of the opinion that the only public role reveal today should be outsiders.

(to be extra clea I whisper back to @COMaestro, which makes that one actual whisper from me and no response for now.)


@quiddle whispers back to @GeeBizzle


I’d say a good side of an evil twin should reveal at least that they are the good side and who is evil

Not sure about outsiders.

Also desperately looking for a good person. I want to share info!


I mean I’m pretty sure any of us here would tell you we’re good.

If you want to share info with me go ahead.


Fang Gu is +1 Outsider, so really we don’t know.