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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3


The village wakes to find the corpse of Zyleth, the storyteller. Will the villagers find the demon behind this, or perish to the evil sect hiding in the village?

Night 0 is over. Day 1 begins.

player status
wentwj alive
RogerBW alive
RossM alive
COMaestro alive
pillbox alive
Bradburn alive
GeeBizzle alive
kzz alive
C’Tomich alive
skeletor alive
Quiddle alive


Am I the only one who thinks most of the roles need to be a bit more secret this time. I need to go do my homework before I can get my head round this one.


You definitely are not the only one.


I agree. I don’t feel as though I can safely reveal my role until I fully grok all of the roles and the pitfalls that come with them. I will say, however, that I am a townsfolk.



I agree with everyone here, though if we all play cards to chest with our info it may be hard to detect a possible Vortox/No Dashii and it would help minions lay claim to roles easier. Confirming a non Vortox would allow us to not execute today if we don’t feel like it.

I say that as someone who is not going to reveal immediatly because I don’t need anyone to claim to verify my info for now. Unless I’m poisoned or a Vortox is in play.


Phew! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. Is anything safe to reveal right away? If there is a good twin/evil twin pair, seems like they should come forward.


I don’t know if a mutant revealing would be worth the risk of them dying but if they die it makes for a nice grounding, and would help us confirm/fight a Fang Gu.


Guys I’m totally not a werewolf.


Well, interesting to note that the Demon No Dashii does not poison Outsiders with it’s ability, only Townsfolk, but that it will always poison the closest Townsfolk on either side of it. Of course if our Demon is not a No Dashii then this doesn’t matter at all, but I wanted to point it out.


Well, here’s a question which could kill somebody, but it’ll give us information. Was anyone made “mad” last night? If you were and you say so, you will likely be executed and we will head into the next night right away, but it would confirm the presence of a Cerenovus.

I whisper to Zyleth


Honestly the more I look at it the more I think we should just kill our outsiders asap.

Any of them surviving would help a potential Fang Gu if they do get killed.

The mutant would give us valuable information in their self sacrifice.
The barber ability would be literally useless if they die before any of us reveal.
The klutz would be very easy to manage.

The only one I think shouldn’t die as soon as possible is the Sweetheart, but if no one claims mutant then we know that there is only which means Fang Gu is not an option so we’re fine delaying their death as long as possible. And there isn’t any risk of evil claiming another outsider to bluff Fang Gu because then we would execute them and they would be dead. That is obviously if everyone agrees with this plan.


Ugh, a Mutant death seems risky since we’d need another Outsider to publicly declare, which makes them an easy target for the Demon. But maybe it’s worth it? Or, if there is another Outsider, they could decide to stay hidden, but then at least one person will know for certain that we have Fang Gu, and they could keep that info to themselves for a couple of days?

Wait - if the Mutant dies and second Outsider reveals, then we know for certain that we have a Fang Gu, which means the Outsider is a risky kill, because then the demon moves to the Outsider, so they are potentially suspicious.

So basically my thoughts on this strategy are: I don’t know?!

This is a game for bold moves, but our last bold move was to kill a Saint, so clearly we can’t be trusted.


With 11 players, the village has 1 Demon, 2 Minions, 1 Outsider and 7 Townsfolk

From up the thread.


If we automatically choose to execute any revealed Outsiders, the Fang Gu would be stupid to choose them as a target knowing that it would get executed the next day.


I can’t help tonight but am one of the good people.

If I die tonight it doesn’t matter.

EDIT: just realised how morose that sounds.


Also, talking of roles…

I hope this village has a lot of onions to go with this Sage.


Whew, I need to think about stuff. I will say I read the little how to play on my role in the wiki and… is it bad that I want to do the exact opposite?


Even a Sweetheart? They make someone drunk even if they die by execution, is that an acceptable risk?


Ok, by claiming the Sage I automatically assume you are not the Sage because why would the Sage reveal?


Surely that’s a role you wouldn’t want to declare. Don’t We want the demon to kill you so we get left with a 50/50. Seems like a fishy move to me.

And so the suspicion starts.