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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3

Thank you everyone! I can fiddle like nobody’s business! (not really)

So, who was everybody? Obviously, I was the Savant.

EDIT: ninja’d

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Thanks to @Zyleth for running this. Looks like hard work even compared with the base game.

Called it !

Thanks for running the game @Zyleth. It was a blast.

Many thanks @Zyleth for running this. S&V is nuts compared to TB.

So, now that the roleset has been revealed, I can talk about it.

When I was creating this set, I focused on trying to get as many long.term roles in it as possible. If you look at the good characters, almost none of them receive any information on night 0. However, most of them work every night from there on.

I decided to include Evil Twin for shenanigans. My first plan was to twin them with the Philosopher, because then both of them could claim they had taken a different role with their once-per-game ability. But in the end, I ended up pairing the Twin with the juggler, so that the village had to deal with two sets of juggles. When I randomized the roles and Bradburn became the evil twin, I had so many laughs.

During the first day, skeletor was planning on accusing Bradburn to get extra time. They were cursed at the time, and I really had to think whether I should grant extra time or force skeletor to nominate. Finally, I decided to give extra time: if the good team died, the evil twin would be confirmed.

The Barber ended up backfiring here, as the switch of two good players only allowed the village to confirm both.

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Demonic mistakes were made and Team Good was very quick to pick up on them. Kudos to the Good Team for a game well-played.

Yes. In a moment of pure-dumb (I was in a training class all last week and was very time-constrained and mentally overloaded), I swapped two good people instead of just passing. I honestly think not using the Barber power would have been the best play.

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So I was the Evil Twin, as mentioned. After just playing one of two Saints I decided to try and mix things up a bit by claiming that there were no Twins in play, just @skeletor being a juggling liar. Unfortunately @kzz spotted what I had missed: how would @skeletor know I was the Juggler?

At that point it was all about trying to make everyone look as suspicious as possible. My feelings about how this game played out is that the Good team were able to get a solid information loop set up and that was hard to disrupt.

Did you just wildly guess at 1 for your fake Juggling info or did you have help?

I of course know all the information, but kzz was claiming Dreamer, which is a very dangerous role.

My swap would have been GeeBizzle and kzz. Then, Barber would have remained in play, and the Dreamer role would have gone to a dead player, who cannot use it.

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Yes, that would have been good for short-term. My long-term plan was to frame kzz and COMaestro to appear as a conniving evil duo, so I needed to keep both of them alive.

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I had no help. I knew @quiddle wasn’t the Savant and believed that @RossM wasn’t the Sage (I assumed he was mad) so I believed the correct answer would be 1 or 2 and was probably 2. I figured a match with @skeletor would still leave me as being too suspicious (thanks to @kzz’s logic). I also wanted to try and help @quiddle and figured if I “juggled high” then my indicating that he was good would cement that he was evil, so I decided to go the other way: report the lower number of 1 so that even if I was probably evil people wouldn’t know who to trust.

In the end it matched @skeletor’s real 1 and turned out as well as it could. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t realise you could do that. This game sure has a lot of rules.

Edit no wait I saw it

Oh, and my favorite edge case.

In a 8-player game, Vigormortis kills their Pit-Hag, meaning that Pit-Hag is dead but retains their ability. The Pit-Hag decides to change a good player into a Evil Twin. The good twin becomes paired with the Vigormortis, as they are the only living evil player.

On night 2, the Snake Chamer hit the Vigormortis, swapping places with them. On the following day, the new Vigormortis is executed. As there is a Evil Twin in play, the game does not end even as all evil players are dead.

Now, the Good Evil Twin is twinned to the Good Drunk Snake Charmer, and because they are both good, the village loses if either is executed.

I personally have no idea what to do in this situation.

Fabled character : the lawyer : if a player breaks the game, they lose.

This is truly the mtg of mafia games.

Game 4 is live.

Can we get the explanation now? :smiley:

Oh it was because of the solid set of information that the good team was able to put together. I think one of the qualities of this set is that the group gets a lot of information, perhaps too much, and then has to work out the truth, which is maybe easier in a play by forum format than it would be in person with time constraints.

Also we on Team Evil may have just stuffed things up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall: way too much trust between people in this game! :smiley:

Honestly, I think it’s that whispering is WAY too easy in a PBF format. In a real life game, it would be weird for six to eight people to stand up and start going off into corners of the room for private conversations the second dawn breaks and we learn who was killed in the night (if anyone). With people secretly exchanging information which lets them (mostly) confirm other players’ roles without revealing everything to the group as a whole, it really does seem to limit the flow of information to everyone and keeps it locked up with just a few people.

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I agree. However, I cannot think of an elegant solution. Best I can come up with is giving people a “whisper limit” by, perhaps, granting each person a number of allowed whispers (including group whispers? Since group whispering would certainly happen in the real game and it would be an interesting balancing mechanism to deal with only getting, for instance, three whispers per game day). The other idea would be to have a “whisper period” that occurred after dawn and before nominations.

Special commiserations to Bradburn who has been instantly untrustworthy from the very start of two consecutive games now, and has dealt with it like a champ.

What a crazy game. It was so hard to glean anything useful considering how close everyone was holding their cards to their chests in this one. So I was cursed on day one huh? That would have made things VERY interesting if I had nominated and been instantly killed. If my read of the rules is correct, my death would not technically have been an execution, so the game would not have been lost for team good, but it would have thrown Bradburn under the bus quite effectively.