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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #3

Even If I’m not starting this right now, might as well find out how much interest people have in this.

I will be hosting either Sects and Violets or Bad Moon Rising for up to 11 villagers and up to 2 Travelers. I chose 11 because:

  1. 15 players was too much, as PBF #2 proved
  2. With 11 players and 1 death every night and day, day 5 will have the final 3 players.
  3. With 11 players, the village will have an Outsider.

When signing up for this game, please say whether you prefer S&V, BMR or either.

  1. RogerBW
  2. Bradburn
  3. pillbox
  4. wentwj
  5. kzz
  6. GeeBizzle
  7. C’Tomich
  8. skeletor
  9. COMaestro
  10. RossM
  11. Quiddle



We are playing Sects & Violets, and the almanac and the night sheets can be found here:
Almanac: 4 - Sects & Violets.pdf (1.6 MB)
Night Sheet: Sects and Violets.pdf (2.0 MB)
For some reason, Vigormortis is not on the Night Sheet, but all roles can be found here:
Wiki: https://bloodontheclocktower.com/wiki/Sects_%26_Violets

With 11 players, the village has 1 Demon, 2 Minions, 1 Outsider and 7 Townsfolk.

The seating order is the following:

player status
wentwj alive
RogerBW dead, 1 vote
RossM alive
COMaestro alive
pillbox alive
Bradburn alive
GeeBizzle dead, 1 vote
kzz alive
C’Tomich alive
skeletor alive
Quiddle alive

Whispering: We still have the same whisper rule as the two last games. If you wish to privately talk to someone, post “whispers to X” in the thread. You you talk back, say “whispers back to X”

However, roles like Savant and Artist privately discuss with the storyteller: this is done by whispering to me. Any player may bluff this, of course. In any case, I will not post whether I whispered back or not.

Madness: Some roles may make you mad about something. For example, while you are mad about being the Lunatic, you must do your best to convince the village that you are the Lunatic, or else you will be executed.

Role Swaps: If your role swaps, you retain your alignment unless otherwise mentioned. In this game, whenever you role swaps, I will remind which team you are on.

I’d be interested, but also willing to step aside for new players if necessary :slight_smile: No preference for playset.

I’m in, no preference for role set.

I’m up for another game, no preference for the set.

I wonder if I should change my profile picture now.

I would go again. Willing to leave it up to storytellers preference.

I’m in. No preference

I would love a go at either, but will just be an observer if other people want to play. Maybe give a sign up cutoff date and whoever has expressed interest by then is in and overflows like myself can drop out if the player count would be too high.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll give people today and tomorrow to sign up, and cut off this on Friday if we have enough volunteers.

I too will play as a reserve. Give new players priority.

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I followed the last game and would be up to play in this one if there’s a spot! (US PST)

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I would be interested in playing if there is a spot, no preference either way.

I am willing to try again, but you can put me in the reserve if others want to play. I’m willing to try either version, but I will say that the Goon in BMR seems overly complicated.

I’m in, with no preference.

Goon doesn’t seem that complicated to play: You are just told every night whether you are good or evil.

For the storyteller, I can imagine it being a massive source of chaos, because it can make abilities malfunction in the strangest ways. Also the rulings to what abilities “affect you specifically” seem pretty contradictory.

On the other hand, we now have 11 players, but four of them are reserve players, so feel free to join. Sign-ups lock tomorrow.

You people are all CRAZY.
I’d like to join in but I’m going to sit this one out so I can regain my sanity.


I’ve decided that it’s time to stop taking crazy pills. Either that or, perhaps, it’s time to start taking crazy pills. I haven’t decided yet. The one thing I know for sure: I think either would be beneficial.

I have nothing to regain.

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Looks like we have our players. The second post has been edited with the relevant game information.

The game has begun, and I have started passing the roles: do not talk about the until night 0 ends.

Man, I’m reading about all the roles. Some of these are just f’d up!