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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


curious how many folk in the game ended up backing the Kickstarter.

I did as a direct result of this game.


Not me. I never have 8+ on a game day, so saw no need to shell out $100 on a game I couldn’t play. It’s been fun, no question, but I am not the target audience.


As someone who watched both this game and the previous one, I certainly found this one harder to follow (although it was still fun and very tense at the end!).

I wonder if in a PbF setting it would be better to use Bad Moon Rising if there are so many players. It promises multiple deaths per night, which might speed the game up?


Hmmm how do I become not a new user, I’m limited to three replies in the same topic which I’ve now hit I PBf 3


@MinuteWalt should be able to assist.


I can confirm I am probably not a robot


[bzzt] That seems to be 87.6% likely. HUMAN IS CONFIRMED [bzzt]


If there is interest after the current game of S&V, I’m probably going to run BMR afterwards. Then we can find out which edition worked the best.


Soldier, Monk, Chef were the ones that I was shown.


I wanted to so badly, but I so rarely have enough people around to warrant it. It would join my Wood-box edition of Secret Hitler as the games that I don’t have enough people to play with haha.


I have that exact edition sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

My lack of willpower is astounding.


You are not a new user any more, and it happened automatically, as far as I can tell. All it takes is a little patience and participation. More participation and time will automatically unlock privileges and reduce limitations. New users are restricted to keep out the bots/spammers/grifers/trolls. It doesn’t take a long time, and has helped us immensely.

Probably, eh? That sounds like an existential crisis if I’ve ever heard one.

OK, will let you all get back to it!


One player went missing from PBF #3, so if anyone is interested in Sects & Violets - feel free to message me or post here: