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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


It kept things interesting and kept people wondering, so it served its purpose.


Thanks @RogerBW and everyone else. My first ever pbf


I’ve been watching. Great work rounding things off lovvbar. This has been a truly baffling experience. Thank you @RogerBW.


I think that when you get to the last few days it’s fine for a minion to allow themselves to be killed - because that’s an execution that doesn’t hit the Demon.


Thank you Roger for running this! I was definitely burnt out near the end and just kinda let things happen. I guesssed that Rhys and COM were evil from the beginning, and Gee might be, but I’m not heartbroken on how it went. Hopefully everyone had a good time’


Man, so many people saying they guessed that I was evil from the beginning, I’m shocked we managed to execute Bradburn.


Smug bastard :wink:


@pillbox just reading back, I think your ability could’ve been triggered that way by the spy as well, since they can appear as town. Even if you weren’t poisoned! But maybe that would be too harsh a move against town without a poisoning.


Now that you say that, I remember thinking that my poisoning was not of much use on the first night for that very reason. I realized it at the same time I realized my error in thinking Schroddi must be the Drunk because I had overlooked the Recluse ability.


I remember thinking that at a couple of points and eventually I decided that I just had to dismiss it as possible but improbable… sigh


Oh and I think the spy is shown the grimoire not just the character list so they shouldve known which characters you were shown since those are usually tokens in the physical game. Im not sure though… @RogerBW ?


Called it :smiley:


Hahaha you sure did.


On the other hand, I called a lot of things, so I was bound to be right at some point.

Like this.


That’s correct - basically the same thing I posted above:


Game 3 sign-up now live.


I think the question was more about what exactly is in the Grimoire. Does it identify who the Washerwoman got info on? The Investigator?

I don’t think it is that detailed, but it does show who was poisoned, right? How about who the Monk selected to protect? Who the Butler is serving?


Yes. I’ve had to reverse engineer this from photos of the Grimoire in play - one thing you don’t get in the various rulebooks is a list of exactly what tokens exist for each role. But there is basically a token for everything persistent - including “is poisoned”, “is protected by the Monk” and “is the Butler’s master”.

(The other thing you don’t get is how to determine the night order. With a standard set you can use the order as written, but if you’re mixing and matching your own there doesn’t seem to be any guidance, though the Script tool on the web site clearly has some information.)


@lovvbar, I’d be interested to hear what 3 roles you saw weren’t in play at the start of the game? In game 1 I received Librarian, Ravenkeeper and Washerwoman. My memory could be fooling me, but washerwoman had already been claimed by a minion before I first posted (without any coordination either!) and Librarian seemed not worth it in a game with no outsiders expected. Thinking back I could have chosen Librarian and made that there were to make people believe a Baron may be in play, but it seemed risky when no other outsiders showed up. Anyhow, Ravenkeeper seemed like the best choice!


Hey guys! This game ended while I was stuck out in the sticks (Devon) without signal (which I hadn’t expected, so sorry for not notifying you, @RogerBW).

I’m now massively late to the party and want to apologise for being so out of it most of the time. I was totally overwhelmed by the volume this time round. I am mightily impressed by those who were able to follow everything and comment intelligently! And well done to team Red!!