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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


Sometimes I would forget that the Drunk can’t be an Outsider. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This game will really mess with you. I think it’s one of the disadvantages of PBF for the good team - lots of time for paranoia and doubt to spin alternate theories.


Yeah, but that can be offset a bit with the perfect recall available by going back through all the posts. As an evil player, you have to be perfectly consistent or you will get caught out in a lie. I knew I was suspicious as all hell simply by being one of two people claiming Saint, and since I wasn’t in any kind of private communication with my teammates, I was having to spin plausible theories like some kind of professional plate spinner.


I feel like I walked into an evil party, Scheisse

Sorry everyone on team good!

edit: well done team evil


The Butler died because I had a pretty good sense it would totally derail things honestly. Everything in this game is SO picked over, from post counts to "haha"s to length of posts and I knew I didn’t want to kill who people expected me to. It really worked out honestly.


Hahahahhahahaha oh man… that might mean more with the benefit of hindsight than it does mean I have a tell. Very specific though.


I definitely wasn’t checked out - my character choice of "burn it all down " had some internally consistency i think haha. Could just be on the inside.


Yeah, I did have the benefit of knowing you were an evil player, so maybe I was predisposed to noticing it, but man, it just jumped out at me after the fourth time you posted. It was like a text-based nervous laugh.


That’s so funny. I’ll need to be mindful of that in the future (haha)


Also I want to mention, I was the demon from the beginning. There was a lot of “demon transfer” theories and it never moved from me.


Which started to worry me when you got nominated and we didn’t have a Scarlet Woman for backup. Especially as rhys was dead, I was suspicious, and GeeBizzle had some doubters as well.


I found it interesting being a minion as your job as I see it is to look suspicious enough but not get killed. As such COMaestro played a blinder.


Oh, fun fact: I poisoned @Bradburn on night before I first nominated him. I swore the game would not end if he was killed. I was being perfectly honest! :smiley:


Shout out to @JDPftw, my fellow member of the 0 and 2 club XD.

Huge thanks again to @RogerBW for running this behemoth, I’m sure you didn’t think this would turn into a month long marathon. I’m sad to lose, but also kind of relieved that we have a resolution! I agree that less players may be a better fit for PBF.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a saint to bury.


There was an alarming amount of times that people got team evil theories right but in the noise of this many players it didn’t get enough attention creating a definite advantage for imp & co.


I secretly think the mechanics of this game make dumb luck and random chance much bigger factors than anyone wants to admit. But man, what a great way to make dumb luck and random chance feel incredibly exciting and suspenseful!


Well played people. I’m going back to my reclusive cave for a long, long sleep.


Many thanks to @RogerBW for running this, which quickly blossomed into one monster of a game. If another one starts up I’d be interested, but would definitely give preference to other people who have not had the opportunity to play yet.


Echoing the thanks for @RogerBW - this game was beastly. And thank you for indulging my theatrics.


(Which is why I left :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Thanks everyone! Reading the how to play baron thing it said you have no power, cause as much chaos and distraction as possible. I think i succeeded somewhat at that even though everyone thought i was evil. Apologies to @COMaestro though for making your job harder with my “slayer” shot.