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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


@GeeBizzle, how did you luck into me corroborating your role? Random luck? Or did JDPftw give away the game?

[EDIT] or was my info in the grimoire?


Yeah, that bummed me out. I don’t know if you would have gone with 0 or 2, but it would have been fun either way.


Totally random. I picked an unused role and by luck you had been told one of them was me or lovvbar.

Wish I had a bit more cunning but nope.


That is just so depressing for me. What a setback for team good ><


It’s funny because I think I only poisoned @skeletor on the second night for your death, and then the night after @pillbox was executed. His other reads were legit.


There were a few mornings where I was left groaning at the outcome. I was mega annoyed I forgot to tell lovvbar that simian was drunk.


Oh man, what a missed opportunity there!


Maybe it was for the best that I never used Mr Pokey … Not that I could have.


I feel your pain and it seems so unlikely. If it’s any concelation. After the first few rounds I panicked that my cover was too good and I had to start looking suspicious.


I think we still need to hear from @lovvbarWhy did the Butler die?


What a ride! I’ve been following along from the bleachers and really enjoyed the game, although it certainly took its time - well done to those of you who stuck with it. I’ve been convinced for a long time now that COMaestro was the imp and rhysplaysgames was a minion, but lovvbar being the big bad took me by surprise. I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention. Good job team evil, and well done keeping everything on track, RogerBW!


Thanks RogerBW this was a fair commitment of time. Really appreciate it.


Here’s a list of who Team Good can blame! :wink:


This game… :joy:




Let’s turn it around for a sec. Why did you (or anyone else) think he was good, and therefore I evil? I honestly was not following your logic when you first accused me of being evil because I did not share the information you gave me when you whispered to me.


As an observer, I was also convinced that COMaestro and rhysplaysgames were evil. Lovvbar, not so much. Well played!


I was sure COMaestro was for it a few times. Well played to shift the blame.


It may have been more of a judgement call, but I felt a lot of your comments were designed to seed doubt, or it seemed like you jumped in to steer in a different direction when theories started to form. Also, what tipped the scales for me was that you were unafraid to appear suspicious, which would be a risky move for a true Saint. You being evil is the only thing I was certain of in this game. :crazy_face:


You mean you weren’t even sure you were the Butler!? :wink: