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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


Good, I’m glad there was some limitation on it. You only sent me info on El_Bee and I think Zyleth(?) on that one whisper, which wasn’t super useful as they were what they claimed to be and I was worried about how being whispered to by just a few people would look, but it all worked out in the end. :slight_smile:


Yep, making first-day only character immune to poisoning makes their information too reliable.

And yeah, I should have revealed as the Ravenkeeper immediately, because there was 3/4 chance the the village had a Spy that could just tell the Demon not to kill me.


Yeah, but then your power is essentially useless. At least there was a slim chance you could have the opportunity to use it. Well, until we executed you anyway.


Yes, but perhaps the problem is that first-night-only powers are just not a great choice from a game design perspective

[EDIT] perhaps if a game was over in two or three rounds and in 15 or 20 minutes it wouldn’t be so bad. I think we pushed the limit of what this game can handle


That I agree with, and it looks like the other two village sets don’t have quite as many first-night roles. Perhaps TB has this many to make it “easy”, although that mainly means the village gets little information after the beginning.


Possibly, but if the intent is to give everyone some kind of special role in the game, I don’t see how it can be avoided without making the roles unbalanced. Then again, I’m not a game designer, so maybe something could be done.


I actually was drunk in reality the first night and missed most of the people announcing their roles so was only able to give limited info.

I was super paranoid about being caught whispering to team evil so sent out way too many whispers.


@lovvbar is lucky that I was not on team good. He had what appeared to be a noticeable tell that he was evil and I would have pounced on it.


I think this player count in a PBF is pushing it a bit. But damn if it wasn’t interesting.


Wait a minute… Wait…
I was the drunk? MEEEEEEEE?


Really? What?


Voting “yes” on everything? I just assumed he was “checked out”… Which is another problem with the format.


Totally agree with this point. The first PBF went by pretty quickly with just 10 players, lasted maybe a week. This one went on for a month!


Search this topic for “haha”. Then search our first PBF for that. You did it once on the first PBF. You did it a LOT on this one. It seemed suspicious to me. :slight_smile:


Yep. I kind of promised to arrange a S&V or BMR game after this game, but I’m taking a couple-day break after this match. I think that I’m going to cap that game to 10 or so players.


Here’s the grimoire:

quiddle Butler dead
GeeBizzle Spy minion
COMaestro Poisoner minion
El_Bee Empath dead
Zyleth Ravenkeeper dead
SanguineAngel Mayor dead
Schroddi Investigator
skeletor Undertaker poisoned
lovvbar Imp demon
Bradburn Saint dead
rhysplaysgames Baron minion, dead
rootbeerbaby Librarian Apprentice
simian Slayer is the Drunk, dead
RossM Recluse
JDPftw Virgin dead
pillbox Washerwoman dead


So who was the 3rd minion?

Ninjad by @RogerBW


With such a large player count, it’s only in the last couple of rounds that you can even hope to make sense of anything, and fatigue had already set in by the time we got there. But a poisoned washerwoman was pretty devastating. I’d considered it as the only way for a good pillbox/evil GeeBizzle, but it seemed so unlikely that I immediately tossed it out.

I’m still confounded why everyone thought Bradburn was evil, though.


I chose a set of roles, randomly assigned them… then saw @skeletor had come up as the Demon again which was the same as the first game, so I decided to re-randomise.

It was quite disconcerting to go away and do other things for an hour or two and come back to 78 messages, and I didn’t even have to act on most of them. Congratulations to those of you who kept up!

On night 4 the Empath was poisoned, and I was about to get cunning with that since one of their neighbours had just been executed… but then the Empath was also killed by the Imp.

I think for future PBFs I’ll probably also stick to about 10 players.


Well, I’m glad that I spent my ghost vote to vote at an actual evil player. Perhaps the biggest surprise to me was that skeletor was legit, I was convinced that they were the drunk.