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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


Oh man, what do people have against @rootbeerbaby ?


For one, I hate root beer.







The laughter starts at the back of the gathered crowd. They stare down at the (as yet undescribed) body of their saint and it takes a moment to register. The laughter is almost manic in its enthisiasm. This is the funniest thing someone has ever seen. The crowd turns to see the soldier bent over in laughter. He sees the shocked expressions on faces and laughs harder. He stands up, wiping tears from his eyes, and grins at the crowd.

“Well… This has been fun. But I grow weary of this vessel.”

The soldier’s mouth opens and a thick black smoke pours forth. As the last clouds of smoke emerge, the soldier’s body drops to the ground…Lifeless. Who ever he was, he is gone now. The smoke forms a massive shape, and as the Demon emerges he, again smiles at the crowd, nodding at his minions among them

“This is where the real fun begins”




It’s true to say luck has been on my side but watching this town go about it’s day to day business (which seems to be purely killing innocent people) has been a delight. Muah ha ha ha!

EDIT: also is it weird, i’ve felt extremely guilty lying to people repeatedly over the last month. Sorry if I have overly encouraged you to make poor choices or been too accusational.


I guess that makes me drunk?


Or poisoned on the very first night. [whistles innocently]


That is where my luck kicked in.



This game…


So I don’t want to be premature but @lovvbar’s reveal means I might as well narrate my death now. :slight_smile:

@Bradburn stands on the clocktower, the noose around his neck tied firmly to the hour hand of the clock. Thunder peals through the dark sky. He gazes mournfully at the crowd gathered around him.

“You do no know what you do. I am bound for a place far better than this.”

Pushed by unseen hands, he falls from the tower, rope rushing to a snap. Suddenly lightning strikes the clocktower, momentarily blinding the assembled villagers. As vision returns, the Saint is gone. All that remains is the rope, two strange burn marks and the metal relic that was a sign of his faith. Its words ring with truth.



So who was Drunk in the game? Surely we had one, unless @RossM or @quiddle were lying about their roles for unknown reasons.


I think team Evil should take a bow… It was truly a mystifying experience


Simian was our drunk slayer.


I personally feel that poisoning first-turn-only powers is a flaw of the game. I was team good and, by random chance, ended up being a huge liability


I first thought it was Schroddi, because as Investigator he saw a Scarlet Woman among Zyleth and RossM, which is when I jumped in and claimed Saint. Didn’t even occur to me to think about how the Recluse worked and that Schroddi could be getting a legitimate read there.


Worth mentioning that I had a chat with RogerBW and we agreed it would be unfair for me to share the grimoire completely with my team mates without saying I had a long whisper with someone.

I thought that seemed too suspicious so limited myself to 2/3 bits of info per whisper.


To be fair, I somewhat agree with that, and I think I mentioned that at the end of the last PBF (I’m certain I posted it somewhere anyway). It makes the one-shot first night powers completely unreliable because there is the chance you were poisoned, but considering the Drunk basically has that same idea going for them the entire game, I think you just need to lean into the uncertainty and run with it.