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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


I think I have finally settled on two people I would trust if we were all killing ourselves off: @RossM and @GeeBizzle.

If I was confident in getting to majority quickly I would happily evict a traveller!

Hoping I/we gambled right on our saint

Edit: I mean, what evil player would pretend to be a drunk or misfiring monk? But still just a hunch


Yeah, me too. I voted with my best guess, but both have done some shifty ass stuff IMO. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


This GAME should be called “shifty ass stuff” because that’s all that everyone appears to be doing.


:ghost:I’ll vote for eviction. I think ghosts can even call the vote on evicting :ghost:


That seems reasonable; votes for exile don’t use up ghost votes either.

Just waiting to hear from @rootbeerbaby about possible nomination.


OK, I hereby nominate @rootbeerbaby for eviction.

I will also send my voting intentions.


voting on eviction from the big clocktower clockhouse




:ghost: I haaaAave voooOoOoOoooted :ghost:




:ghost: Ahh the sweet taste of deathly democracy! Voted :ghost:



:ghost: Ok, skeletor is evil. I think rootbeerbaby is good and Imp & Co is just taunting us now. :ghost:


:ghost: If rootbeerbaby and RossM are both evil, I will be so mad. :ghost:


Oh, I think rootbeerbaby is good too, just trying to keep the game moving along.


OK, current schedule (UK time):

@rootbeerbaby’s window to nominate closes at 18:28 - if I receive no nomination, Bradburn will be executed. If Bradburn is in fact the saint, the game will end at that point.
The vote to exile rootbeerbaby closes at 02:42 tomorrow. At the time of writing I have not received sufficient votes. Even if I do, the call to exile came after the call for nominations, so this won’t close the nomination window earlier.


While there’s a chance @rootbeerbaby is evil, I think she is most likely the Apprentice Librarian she claims to be. But if it’ll get the game moving along faster, vote submitted.


If at least half of the players support the exile, it succeeds, and the exiled Traveler dies.

At least half the players support the exile.

COMaestro Bradburn skeletor rootbeerbaby
quiddle dead, 1 vote no no no no
GeeBizzle alive no yes no yes
COMaestro alive no yes no yes
El_Bee dead, no votes no no no
Zyleth dead, no votes yes no no yes
SanguineAngel dead, 1 vote no no no
Schroddi alive no yes no yes
skeletor alive no yes no yes
lovvbar alive no yes yes yes
Bradburn alive yes no yes yes
rhysplaysgames dead, 1 vote no no no yes
rootbeerbaby traveller, dead, 1 vote no no no
simian dead, 1 vote no no no
RossM alive no yes no no
JDPftw dead, 1 vote no no no
pillbox dead, no votes no no yes no


Okay, so there are no more people who can nominate so @Bradburn is executed, right? Can I do it? I wish to return the hellspawn to the depths from which he came! (No offense)

Awww, just noticed the full text of the previous post. Nevermind…


Claims they’re a Saint but acting like a Slayer. Soon you will all see the true face beneath @COMaestro’s mask.


You’ve sullied the name of “Saint” long enough.