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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


Hmmmm, that tells us nothing!

I’m still happy with the fake saint death (fingers crossed).

No nominations from me.

Also rogerBW I don’t think the dead get to nominate so JDftw and Pillbox don’t get a nomination. Sorry for being that guy.


No nomination


Alright, I think we’re at the end of the game here guys. I don’t see there being another nomination that’s going to stop me being executed so the Good team is about to lose. That being the case, I think it’s time for a game of Predict Who’s on Team Evil Before The Game Ends!

  1. @COMaestro
  2. @skeletor
  3. @Schroddi
  4. @rhysplaysgames

@COMaestro is easy, I know they’re evil because I’m the real Saint.

I spoke earlier about my trust of @Zyleth because they used their ghost vote for @COMaestro, which would be a bizarre Evil move, which means I trust @El_Bee’s readings of 1 in previous days which means that @skeletor’s information was incorrect.

@skeletor pushing for me to be executed prematurely and in place of @COMaestro had them as a suspect in my mind but it’s been cemented in place by the behaviour of @Schroddi. @Schroddi has also been pushing really strongly for executing a Saint now (still not a great idea) and very much in my direction rather that @COMaestro. That combined with the fact that @El_Bee was killed by demon in the night before they could get a reading on both @COMaestro and @Schroddi makes a lot of sense now: I believe @El_Bee would have gotten a reading of 2 that night.

I had other strong suspicions of people (@GeeBizzle is high on the list) but for the last spot it makes sense that it has to be one of two Slayers. I still don’t know which one it is but @rhysplaysgames shot their power in a way that made @COMaestro look less suspicious to some, so I’m going with them.

For Evil roles I’m predicting that we had a Spy, Scarlet Woman and Baron. I don’t think we’ve had enough misfiring for there to be a Poisoner.


Whispers @RogerBW


Skeletor will likely be in bed by now and root beer baby isn’t about at the moment so assume we have a bit of a wait till we find out what happens.

Bradburn that long post has me thinking i’ve Made a terrible mistake.


Regardless my guess is:

1: rhysplaysgames
2: Bradburn
3: zyleth
4: Elbee

Edit: I think Elbee passed off her demon-ness to Bradburn thinking that COMaestro looked more suspicious to the town.


My guess:

  • SanguineAngel
  • skeletor
  • rhysplaysgames
  • COMaestro

[EDIT] Hedging a bit:

If skeletor turns out to be Drunk instead of evil, my guesses are:

  • Bradburn
  • Schroddi
  • lovvbar
  • rhysplaysgames

Nope, nevermind… that doesn’t make sense!


My guesses:

  • Bradburn (not so much a guess, rather a certainty)
  • rhysplaysgames
  • El_Bee
  • pillbox


Length of post = evilness


Definitely these two:

  • COMaestro and rhysplaysgames


  • Schroddi

I’m torn on the last one.

  • lovvbar? EDIT: my other possibles are skeletor, SanguineAngel, maybe even RossM. But I’d go with one of the other three first.


Team legit.



[pillbox doubts]


You know, I was suspicious of @lovvbar at the very beginning of the game because they kept liking all of @COMaestro’s posts. And the Soldier role is a great one to hide behind.

Looking forward to finding the truth shortly. :slight_smile:


I like posts to keep track of what I’ve read for the most part… But sure. That’s suspicious


I have to applaud your commitment to being the “Saint” here and all this “game ending” posting. Unless you are admitting Impish tendencies and that’s why the game is going to end with your execution?


No nominations here, looks like the endgame fast approacheth.


Bobbins that leaves rootbeerbaby and most likely the wait till tomorrow to see if we’re all doomed!


Unless we want to have a vote to evict the traveller?


It would probably take as long to vote.

I’m just keen to find out if we’ve figured it out.


Well, an eviction vote is slightly different than a nomination vote. As it would need a majority of players to vote for it (8), but not really require extra votes after it reaches the magic number, our storyteller could call the vote at their discretion if and when it reaches the magic number, to keep things moving.

What do you think @RogerBW, would you be happy with the above scenario?