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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


This was literally almost me (The good impatient player I mean)


Oh, and I have voted


:ghost: hmm. voted :ghost:


That’s interesting logic but it also makes sense for me being real Saint too - my only job is to make sure I don’t die so giving myself more opportunities to “save my skin” fits with me being good.

I floated the idea of your nomination mainly to see if it was likely that eople would vote in favour of your execution. I’ve only got one nomination and no guarantees that anyone else will nominate after this so it seems reasonable to play it safe and get more information.

It would have been safer to nominate someone who isn’t getting new information every round, as people would be more likely to vote for such a person, but I’m hoping Good team members share my feeling that your information has been unreliable.

Ultimately though my objective is not to see you executed, it’s merely to make sure I live. A tie will do.


Not to make a song and dance about it but I have no idea how to vote here. I think we are doing the right thing but the little risk averse voice in my head screams NOOO.


I have voted. I think Skeletor is in team good and i think Bradburn is in imp & co. Also all of Skeletor comments on leaving the timing for killing the saint till too late agree with my own concerns.

I am sorry good towns people if this dooms us all.


As promised, some selected rebuttal:

As has been noted, both had been previously nominated before this point, and while the consensus picks in the last couple of days have been the mayor and pillbox, I don’t think it is unreasonable for them to worry about the possibility of being next cab off the rank, especially with a contracting field of candidates.

This is pretty much why I am believing my read on you was correct. All my other reads should be taken with a grain of salt. I believe it is unlikely I was poisoned every night, but I also think it was unlikely I was poisoned no nights.

I would argue even a drunk undertaker would be a source of information. An alive drunk undertaker gives you information that you believe false, allowing you to consider other alternatives. A dead drunk undertaker gives you nothing. I would counsel people to only vote for my execution if they believe me to be evil.

This is the problem that I wrestled with for a while, but came to a different conclusion. If El_Bee were evil, it is much easier for the poisoner to split their poison between me and possibly the monk (assuming they are not a drunky monky), with our “empath” free to say what they like. This is actually the scenario that first led me to suspect El_Bee, it was my best guess to reconcile the differences and similarities between my and El_Bee’s information.

Worth noting that before GeeBizzle revealed their role to you, pillbox had received whispers from JDPftw, Zyleth, El_Bee and rhysplaysgames, some of whom had also received whispers from others before this. This means pillbox had plenty of opportunity to receive information from a potential spy before revealing their washerwoman info.

The only way we could have less than 50% chance at hitting an evil team member by killing one of our saints is if they are both evil.

I am not, because I believe Bradburn to be evil, meaning the good team wouldn’t need saving.

I think it very unlikely that I was never poisoned, but equally unlikely that I was poisoned every night. That means likely 1 or two of these are evil. My belief is two, but YMMV.


:ghost: This is the part that doesn’t fit together for me. pillbox and JDPftw seem to have traded info before GeeBizzle and JDPftw. JDPftw seems an unlikely candidate for Spy since they died in the night. El_Bee’s night death also seems an unlikely Spy scenario. If Zyleth or rhysplaysgames are the Spy, then our Undertaker readings are strange, even if poisoned or Drunk. :ghost:


Sorry just rereading where we are: my suspicions are slayer (rhys), saint (bradburn), pillbox (poisoner or other evil role), and even money across anyone and everyone else for the last evil role. I am even suspicious of quiddle as theirs was a strange death and they’ve made repeated suggestions we should kill other people (one being me) rather than people heavier on my own suspicion-scale.

Zyleth would be nice and easy but I am not sure if it works out and seems far too nice and easy combination of identify, nominate and actually choose, followed by undertaker read all on first move.


4 votes still to come: @SanguineAngel, @rootbeerbaby, @RossM, @JDPftw


Hmm. Sent


A full day with no responses? I’m feeling very unnerved


I’m getting the feeling a couple of players have somewhat burned out on this game.


And we’re waiting to see the climactic result of the vote. :slight_smile:


It’s a bank holiday today in the UK, but I don’t know where most of the players are. Deadline for voting is 17:46, so about an hour and a quarter from when I’m posting this.


I’ll admit I was not prepared for this game to go 30+ days…


The last few votes have gone to the 24-hour deadline. I think PBF may work better around the 8-10 player mark rather than 16.


That’s why I feel some people are burned out on the game. It is possible they are just busy, but it seems it is the same people who are not voting for the last few votes, resulting in waiting for the deadline.


@SanguineAngel, @rootbeerbaby, and @JDPftw did not submit votes before the deadline.

COMaestro Bradburn skeletor
quiddle dead, 1 vote no no no
GeeBizzle alive no yes no
COMaestro alive no yes no
El_Bee dead, no votes no no no
Zyleth dead, no votes yes no no
SanguineAngel dead, 1 vote no no no
Schroddi alive no yes no
skeletor alive no yes no
lovvbar alive no yes yes
Bradburn alive yes no yes
rhysplaysgames dead, 1 vote no no no
rootbeerbaby traveller, alive no no no
simian dead, 1 vote no no no
RossM alive no yes no
JDPftw dead, 1 vote no no no
pillbox dead, no votes no no yes

skeletor gained three votes. Bradburn is still in the lead for execution with six votes. Any further nominations?

Valid potential nominators are @GeeBizzle @COMaestro @skeletor @lovvbar @rootbeerbaby @JDPftw @pillbox.


No nominations
Edit: from me