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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


My personal belief is that El_Bee was Imp-murdered because they were about to see two evil neighbors instead of the 1 they had been consistently seeing.

Please note, however, that this is based on intuition and no real evidence.


And given I know I am good, I have some money on they (edit: El_Bee) were killed to not show zero evil so people couldn’t clearly trust two players (one being me). Probably even money between that and all combinations of other ideas (like comaestro killing to not show 1 again and then i’d think he’s evil but noone else would) and there could still be poisoning and self-kills…


:ghost: So in this scenario, is Zyleth evil? And/or SanguineAngel? Or was El_Bee poisoned for the first two days? Besides a Saint and a Slayer, who do you think is evil?:ghost:


I may be remembering it wrong, but I thought SanguineAngel was still alive and about to be El_Bees new neighbor the night that El_Bee was killed


Nope, it was @Schroddi. @El_Bee always saw one when it was me and @Zyleth, and then me and @SanguineAngel. After SA was executed, EB was killed in the night.


:ghost:This sounds like a good plan even though you think im evil. Id probably prefer not skeletor as i think hes just drunk at this point but the @Bradburn votes are very suspicious. Of course it looks like my evil twin @simian has voted no on this already which makes it an even better prospect for me. Will I be vindicated at last?? I’ll still wait for skeletor to respond :ghost:


Oh! Interesting! Hmm, I wonder how that affects my logic; I’ll have to ponder on it a bit


I’ve been considering the scenario where you, Rhys, are good and wrongfully framed… I can’t, in this scenario, figure out why simian was killed in the night? Best guess is Imp-self-kill… But Imp posing as a Slayer without having been shown the Slayer role would be foolish. The only way I can reconcile that is if Rhys was drunk (which should then show up as drunk to the Gravedigger)… So…


:ghost: I am really trying to figure out how it would work if Zyleth is our Scarlet Woman, and rhys is the Baron, and pillbox is the Poisoner. I guess this makes Bradburn the Imp? Is this really what people think? If yes, how did pillbox know GeeBizzle is the Monk, when we don’t have a Spy? And why didn’t the Imp go with a safe bluff? This just doesn’t make sense to me. :ghost:


:ghost:Lets say @simian is the baron since thats what i showed up as. They dont really contribute anything to evil team apart from votes, so he was expendable probably going to be killed anyway and killing him casts doubt on my info / makes it seem like I was covering for @COMaestro apparently since thats what @simian originally said. Plus it makes it seem like the imp was afraid of @simian s shot so its very believable. It also lends credence to @skeletor s info showing me as evil making us believe the drunk/hidden evil undertaker more. Lots of advantages. :ghost:


Because it doesn’t work. (Outside of me knowing I’m not the poisoner) it would require skeletor’s information to be faulty (due to being drunk, evil, and/or poisoned)


I think @Zyleth was falsely accused and it was @RossM being the Recluse that triggered Scarlet Woman for our Investigator.


Just for reference, I’m taking votes on the same basis as in PBF Resistance: you can change your vote as often as you like, but whatever your latest vote was when the last vote came in or the deadline expired is the one that’ll take effect.


:ghost: Ok, so Imp & Co is one Slayer, Bradburn, pillbox, and?:ghost:


I want to respond to this bit real quick, since I failed to earlier. While certainly less suspicious than a duplicate Saint, both of these players have been nominated for execution (and I am not counting the Virgin test here). That indicates there was at least some suspicion, or attempts at fishing like @RossM likes to do in regards to these two.

But more importantly is the way a couple people have been talking about leaving the Saint issue to the last day. If the Saint issue goes to the last day because people are afraid to take a risk on it, then making the false Saint the Imp guarantees getting to the last day. Yes, it would be a gamble to make an already suspicious player into the Imp, but it does make sense if you look at it from this perspective.


My theory is @El_Bee.


To me, non-saint is not a safe bluff given the push back we are having against killing a saint! The very fact we are all freaking out and lots of people are saying let the saint issue wait until last minute sways me to want to kill a saint. Admittedly, I am a bit of a contrarian and my investigative skills are more interpol than sherlock holmes.

Edit: another way of putting this, if I was an imp, I would be very chuffed with myself after seeing the Saint character and choosing that. Even with another saint having declared.

I am not trying to sway anyone too much, this is just hunches and bit more than 50/50s at this point. Let’s push a robed person off the belfry! I’ll get my lard and slip slide ready


Great, I will prevote and be looking out for Skeletor’s statement just in case he says soemthing suspicious or if anyone else makes a good case against comaestro!



:ghost: This seems like a weak theory, but who am I to criticize? All of my theories are weak. :ghost:


Yawn, morning folks, what’s up.

(reads thread)

ohhhh, riiight.

Well, I guess I’d better say a few words in my defence. Firstly on the question of timing for killing a saint. Up until now I have been an advocate of waiting until later in the game to kill one, but I think the time to act is now. We have 7 remaining non traveller living players left in the game, which means assuming an execution and an imp kill each day we have two days left after today. We also have 8 dead players, which means we have winnowed the field somewhat already. The problem we have if we leave things too much longer is that the living votes get less each day, and the evil votes have more of a chance of voting as a bloc and causing a draw or defeat, handing advantage to the evil team. If we don’t kill a saint today, it is imperative we do so tomorrow.

I am not going to try and convince you which of COMaestro and Bradburn are evil, by now you will have your own theories on that, and judging by the voting patterns they seem to mostly accord with my own anyhow.

I feel like I’ve been pretty open in sharing my theories up until now, but it may pay to rehash them a little as they currently stand. The two players I am most certain of being evil are rhysplaysgames and pillbox, both of whom incidentally have been fairly vocal in agitating for my death. It is because of these two that I am fairly certain team evil is down 2 members at the very least. I suspect a third member performed a self kill to shift imphood on to a “saint”, but this is a much shakier theory. The possibilities for what will happen if the bradburn execution goes ahead are as follows:

1- Bradburn is the imp, good wins.
2- Bradburn is the saint, evil wins.
3-Bradburn is a minion, the game continues.
4-Bradburn has been hiding their identity, and is a non evil other villager.

I am suspicious of the fact that bradburn waited so long to nominate me after indicating they would likely do so. It strikes me as the actions of an evil player hoping to encourage a good player to make a nomination out of impatience, leaving bradburn free to make another nomination to save their skin should the first attempt fail. What other reason could there be for waiting, considering all the discussion had could have equally happened after a nomination were made?

Sorry that this is all a little scattershot, there was a lot going on up there! I might go through the abiove again and respond to some individual points, but I’d encourage everyone to see what their gut is telling them and vote accordingly. If you kill me instead of Bradburn today it isn’t the end of the world, but if so we must resolve the saint question tomorrow.