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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2


No, here’s the strategy.

For those who voted “yes” on @Bradburn, if you were that confident I see no reason why you would vote for someone else now. You have come to the conclusion that @Bradburn is lying about his role and ridding us of another evil player, possibly the Imp, is only good for us.

For those who voted “no”, you either think I am evil or that you feel the Saint issue should wait at least one more day. In that case, go ahead and vote “yes” on @skeletor. If he gets executed and the game ends because he was the Imp, great, we win! If the game does not end, we lose him and likely another player tonight (barring Monk defense) and have no further information other than two more probably-not-evil people are dead. At best, we’ll tie in the votes and we’ll only lose one person tonight rather than two overall.

I am voting “no” on @skeletor’s execution because whether he’s evil or not, I know we’ve already chosen an evil player.


:ghost: Not to get meta but it seems unlikely that @skeletor would be Imp two games in a row… :ghost:


:ghost: Agreed, but it seems like we’re stuck with this. Where do you stand on Bradburn? We could pass on killing skeletor and hope a good player nominates someone else, but we risk siphoning more good ghost votes on the skeletor vote no matter what. If we want to tie to avoid killing Bradburn, seems like this may be our only chance. :ghost:


Well, we can’t eliminate the possibility that skeletor was originally a Scarlet Woman.

Also… wouldn’t it be brilliant of @RogerBW to mess with us like that?

For those two reasons, I don’t believe we can dismiss skeletor as Imp. I suspect roles were truly determined randomly and while it would be unlikely, it’s not impossible.


I have little suspicion for skeletor and a lot of suspicion of Bradburn.

Can someone explain to me the jump from knowing that our imp has voted yes on killing bradburn (as they may be the only evil player left, unlikely but possible) to bradburns complete exoneration.

The one thing our imp has demonstrated reliably is that they are unpredictable (what was the deal with the butler). I wouldn’t put it past them throwing a minion under the bus to confuse us all.


First, I believe it’s unlikely that there are fewer than 2 remaining Evil Team members alive.

Second, I’m not against killing off a Saint; I believe, however, we should wait until the last possible day before taking that gamble. The risk here is that for every non-Saint person we execute, we stand the chance of thinning out even more Good folk from the town and leaving Evil a better chance of just out-voting good on the last day. The problem with that is that if you believe skeletor can’t be trusted (because of evilness or drunkenness or poisoning), there’s no way to get any more information about who we kill.


Thanks. I agree with the risk and your logic completely.

Using the cautious approach though would mean the saint guarantees you last till the end of the game leaving a 50/50 chance at best of beating team evil (dependent on how many townsfolk and ghost votes you have).


:ghost:also, weirdly, if you believe one of our Saints is legit, then keeping both of them alive guarantees we have at least one good player alive, which is necessary for good to win. :ghost:


Also worth noting that team evil surely has to be casting bluff votes. They haven’t whispered. So we may have caught them with a tactical error of multiple evil bluffs at the same time ( not impossible but maybe unlikely).

As an aside i’m Loving this! Glad I caved and backed it in the last minute.


That’s our 50/50 vote scenario.


Fwiw, I think we should not kill skeletor unless someone has a tight argument on Comaestro - a lot of the talk has come from ghosts who did not vote yes (for Bradburn). I will await Skeletors defense but would like to simplify the problem as we’re in end game: do we trust Comaestro, or Bradburn? If comaestro bluffing, bravo for putting so much effort into it!

let’s try trusting the skeleton man and pitchfork the guy in nice looking robes. I am actually taking it as a meta positive that there’s so much noise and commotion after most (all?) living townsfolk voted to kill one claimed saint.


More hopeful alternative is only one evil left! If we truly killed three evils so far




I have no need to bluff and fear not the machinations of evil. My faith protects me.


Urgh, I am so looking forward to when you are unmasked as the charlatan that you are!


This is actually a huge risk, because the “Saint” might not be a Demon, but a Minion. If our last trio is Saint, Minion, Demon, we might lose the game for lynching the Minion instead of the Demon. That is why I supported taking the shot now - we might win, we might lose, but at least we have information if the “Saint” dies and the game continues. We don’t really know anything, and our last remaining information role is suspicious, so might as well get it over with. :ghost:


On the matter of our two Saints:

  • @COMaestro speaks eloquently and has lots of insightful ideas which makes me extremely suspect of them.
  • @Bradburn has passion in their conviction of innocence which makes me suspicious.

I also think one of them should die today and since @COMaestro has escaped the noose then the honour falls on @Bradburn to ensure that we have a bountiful crop this year… Or at least the living do. I’m just a ghost so it’s not like I care if you all are waist deep in bread and vegetables.


:ghost: @simian has made their decision


He thinks I’m eloquent! * squee *


:ghost:I’m curious - does everyone think El_Bee is Drunk, or evil, or poisoned? It seems to me that you must doubt El_Bee if you think Bradburn is the Evil Saint. :ghost: