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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #2



:ghost: went back to my whispers, pillbox revealed to JDPftw. This makes it fairly hard for GeeBizzle to be evil, which in turn makes it fairly hard for pillbox to be evil.

However! I am totally confused that Schroddi thinks Bradburn is the Imp! I see no possible way to arrive at this conclusion. This is very bad! We could have a lovvbar/Schroddi evil situation, or a Schroddi/RossM evil situation! :ghost:


Pillbox is right about how the info spread between the three of us.

I am finding the lack of nomination from Bradburn to be suspicious. If I was on team evil and had limited nominations to save myself from the towns killer swing set I would wait till I could identify the most likely villager candidate for my nomination.


I am also surprised no ones come after me. There’s literally no way to prove I’m good! :crazy_face:


I think this may be the everything is suspicious reflex, which I can completely understand.

@Bradburn: my current recommendation is to nominate Schroddi. We have 2 or 3 evil players still alive, and they voted yes to execute you. This is the best defense you are going to get for being the good Saint. Anyone who refuses to execute someone else instead must be evil. .:ghost:


Just a thought but we have been taking RossM’s whisper charts as accurate. Creating misleading charts would be the most sinister and hilarious way to mislead the town. If this was the case then it is truly “a fine play”


That’s…a rather blanket statement, don’t you think? So anyone who thinks @Bradburn is evil is evil themselves? Really?


You mean, “A Fine Move.”


la la la not listening because you are evil


It certainly shut up all whispering!


:ghost: if it makes you feel any better, you have now rocketed right to the top of my suspicious list (alongside lovvbar). But I think it’s probably Schroddi + you, or Schroddi + lovvbar, so let’s kill Schroddi.:ghost:


But I haven’t received any whispers?


If that’s the case then RossM is looking pretty suspicious.


Good discussion from all parties! I nominate @skeletor. Based on what I talked about earlier they’re either a liability of an Undertaker or Evil.

Edit for boldness and voting.


Voting deadline is 1746 Monday, UK time.


That’s the point. The complete lack of whispers suggest team evil were avoiding making the first move, so they created a public narrative you could get behind (hence receiving information)


(Also saying hence makes me even more suspicious)


Ah understood

Having scrolled back I thinkk whisper charts are 399 and 601. Ish.


Don’t think we will get a defence from skeletor till tomorrow so I for one am awaiting his response.

Just for everyone’s info I’ve yet to be convinced Bradburns not evil.

Although currently my paranoia is running high.


:ghost: What is our strategy? If you are good, vote yes no matter what?:ghost:

@simian, @Rhysplaysgames, are you willing to use your ghost vote, since it is sort of verifiable that one or you is good, and we can’t really trust any other ghost? I think simian is probably our good player here, but just covering all bases.

@skeletor, are you willing to vote yes on yourself to save the good team?

@SanguineAngel, what are you going to do? I honestly don’t know whether to trust you.

:ghost: should I use my ghost vote? I’m game to kill skeletor to avoid killing Bradburn, but I really don’t know if skeletor is evil, so I don’t know if I should hold my vote for a later round. :ghost:


I am 99% certain I will use my ghost vote for skeletor. But I will withhold my vote until skeletor has an opportunity to present a defense.