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Black Friday Bargains!


Anyone found anything good yet?

If you’ve subscribed to the Chaos cards newsletter you can get Seafall for £15 at the moment.


That is a good deal! A very good deal.

I’m waiting for Cyber Monday, myself, and I will not lie, it’s because I am a very lazy man and like things delivered (also, I have worked a lot of retail and I am also prudently cowardly. I’ve seen things I can never forget. I will stay home and huddle under the blanket and possibly drink a few beers and watch videos until it’s over.)

I’m going to keep my eyes open, though, this is one of the best times of year to get Lego cheap as heck!

Also various ancillary manuals and add-ons for games and bits, and I’ll report it back here if I see anything notable (of course, this would be for the USA, most likely, sorry. I’ll still keep an eye out for all my global friends, here, as well. Chances are, if the price drops here, it will drop there as well).


Teepublic just put my shop in sale mode, they ship from EU and US https://www.teepublic.co.uk/user/rollforthewin

Slowly building up enough designs so I can have a proper shop in the middle of next year, so if everyone know some good print on demand UK based supplier, am interested 8)

Or if anyone want to collaborate…more than happy to do so, little claim to fame here https://twitter.com/beardedrogue/status/1064920177823834113?s=19

Merry bargains…


Not really a black friday specific bargain, but there are great games in the humble dystopia bundle. I especially recommend Observer, Rainworld & Tokyo 42, and have heard very good things about Orwell and Beholder.


TIME Stories is over at Chaos Cards for £25 - pretty sure that’s the cheapest I’ve seen it.


(UK) Thirsty Meeple put more stuff on clearance.

I saw Mission Red Planet and Gunkimono on a reasonable sale price. I’ve already spent my budget, so I’m passing. I also see Chicago Express at a neat price, but I already own this game.


Got an email from Forbidden Planet and it listed The Legend Of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena for £10! :open_mouth:

They have the expansion for £10 too, but I didn’t bother with that.


But is it worth it?


Many people other than me love it. (They are of course Wrong.)


It seems the zeitgeist has turned against it in recent years as an unfulfilled promise. IT’S OKAY ROGER, THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM HAS JOINED YOU!!!


Colt Express on Chaos Card for £13, it’s mine…resisting Scythe on Zatu for £44…


I know its now boxing day, but Chaos cards have Discover Journeys Unknown with a £20 discount.

Oh and several of the arkham lcg packs at discount.



Neon Gods too! Im tempted but Im passing on that one. Too many games.


401 Games in Toronto Canada currently has 13% off all baordgames (plus some door crashers which are mostly sold out).


Should we close this topic until next year and then make a new one, or leave it open?

I’d make a poll, but I can’t be arsed, anyone who has an opinion can leave it here. That should be good enough (if no one responds, it will probably get closed just to sweep it up).


Shut it down!


I hope that was a Dark City reference.

But in response to that one vote by the OP (I usually consider the OP to be the master of their thread), it’s gonna get closed!