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Best Thrift Store/Antique Mall Finds

My wife runs a booth at an antique mall, so I spend a lot of time with her shopping for items at thrift stores. My favorite thing to do is to try and find awesome board games that people have basically discarded.

My best finds include some weird games from the sixties, seventies and eighties like this very weird VHS game that I once found for a few dollars (I still haven’t played it because I haven’t bothered to hook a VHS up).


I’ve bought a never open or played copy of Dominion for 2 dollars. It’s funny because the games are rarely missing any pieces because you can tell that they were gifted and never opened.
Sometimes, I find stuff that was clearly the product of an overzealous parent cleaning out their teenager’s closet. I found the original Traveller RPG and its expansions this way. It also was only a few dollars.


On a sad note, I have found and purchased a lot of mystery murder party games that were never once used. This is sad because they are from the eighties, so that means they were in someone’s closet for years with the intent that there would be a party. Sadly, that party apparently never happened once in all those years. Depressing, I know; however, looking on the bright side, my wife and I do mystery murder parties all of the time, so the games have finally been used.

Does anybody do this as well, and what has been some of the cool games that you have found at thrift stores, antique malls, garage sales, etc?


Does anyone else collect old 3M bookshelf games? I find those every once in a while at antique malls for sometimes reasonable prices, and I usually buy them even if the game is only so so. One of my ultimate old game finds was Acquire, which has always had a very special place in my gaming heart.

Sadly, I lost that game in a fire, and I’ve been on the hunt for another copy ever since. I know they remade it, but I only want the old bookshelf edition.

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I picked up a 3M bookshelf edition of Feudal from a thrift shop a few months back. It’s missing most of its pieces but there’s still enough to play it as a 2-player game (which I believe was the most popular formula anyway).

My morning routine has changed, however, and as I no longer drop my daughter off in the morning, I find myself in a position to drop into a thrift store on my way to work less often (because they aren’t open yet)

I have a friend who is fantastic at picking up charity shop finds and yet I’ve never found any. Probably because he’s hoovered them all up.

I found a copy of 13 Dead End Drive at a thrift store once, very nostalgic purchase. It was missing a key structural piece unfortunately so I haven’t been able to play it yet, but my wife is positive she can make it herself :slight_smile: