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Best SHUX 2018 memories?


Thought it would be fun to start reminiscing about the fun times!

My best memories are of all the lovely people who were willing to sit down with strangers and play a new game! I never had to leave the balloon out for long before there were friendly faces having a seat! Thank you everyone.

Also thank you to those who taught me games or slogged through rule books together! Will definitely be buying Sagrada soon.

And thank you to the person who complimented my husband and I’s game teaching skills! I think we are pretty good at it, it was nice to hear it from someone else :blush:

Can’t wait for next year!


I’m definitely going to be picking up Kingdomino after our post-Azul playthrough.


Oh I just posted this in the SHUX photo thread before I saw this! Hope the duplication isn’t bothersome, if so Mods feel free to reshuffle:

Had such an amazing time at my first even con. Met so many great people - who became good friends over just a few days. I was lucky enough to join a pre-con game day on Thursday hosted by a wonderful local gentleman named Andrew so it’s actually been 4 days of games.

Saw heaps of panels and played about a million games? Root, Brass: Birmingham, Inis, Spell Smashers, 1754, Critical Mass, Heirs of a Shattered Age MEGAGAME, Santorini, Suburbia, Terra Mystica, Kemet… even played an edible game, delicious!

In the Megagame I was part of a family that was negatively impacted by Gosscoin (you can hear about it on the live podcast when that’s released) but credit where credit is due - it was a brilliant play.

I didn’t manage to chat to any of the SU&SD crew (which I was okay with, they were run ragged) until 20 minutes before the con closed Matt and Pip just happened to walk out to where we were milling around. He complimented my jumper so I’m never going to take it off!

This was everything I hoped it would be and that’s all thanks to all you guys :slight_smile:


Well, now that Matt made the Gosscoins famous…I hope you held on to them! They might actually be worth something! :slight_smile:


The entire Twilight Imperium tournament was an opportunity to play a game I get to play about once a year, and I ended up getting to win a copy to take home with me, so hopefully I’ll get to play it more in the future. For the first game, the top three players advanced to the finals, so I played my favourite race, the space turtles, and played a slow, unambitious game with lots of friendly diplomacy and no deal breaking. I never got into conflict with anyone, and was a hair’s breadth from winning that game, but ended a comfortable third, enough to advance to the finals.

In the finals then, I played the Hacan, and on turn 2 claimed Mecatol Rex and got to 6 points. Unfortunately, going into the last turn the final objective was one I could not complete, and while I was tied for second place with two other players at 7 points, I was the only player incapable of possibly reaching 10 that turn. I could score another point or possibly two, but that would still leave me likely 4th after everyone else’s scoring was done.
So I chose to make a controversial bid for the best position I could, and instead of letting the others pull away from me, I took Leadership, and for the first action of the round gave my support for the throne to the player with 9 points, ending the game immediately and giving me second place on tiebreakers (initiative order). The table erupted in complaints! But I stood by my strategy, and after the shock wore off most people came around that it was a sound strategy, if a somewhat unsatisfying ending.

A big thanks to the SHUX staff for all of their work handling that event, and the convention as a whole.


Another first time con-goer here and had an AMAZING time. I could not believe how warm and fuzzy I felt this whole weekend and how much I didn’t want it to end.

The Gosscoin scheme was brilliant, even if we (House Parattis) also fell victim to its allure, though I did get to pass along an irrational distrust of them into my son at the knight’s table! Plus, depending on who you ask, we may have pledged fealty to an evil ice drake because our parents told us to, so falling victim to an ICO was probably karma.

I got to play so, so, so many games including an incredibly fun and tight 12-person, 3-race Flamme Rouge campaign. Even though it was first time playing the game I somehow ended up winning the Tour de Shux and am hugely grateful for @pottaway for organizing, teaching, and wrangling the group together.

And the panels, oh the panels! The parlor games tournament was an unexpected delight, the wrestling show was wonderful, and everyone singing “Hail to Robonia” during NPL’s music competition was positively surreal.

Thanks to everyone I met and didn’t for making it such an awesome experience and I can’t wait to come back next year!


I was too busy exploring, so I only ever saw the elusive coins from afar!


Discovering the game Chronicles of Crime was fantastic.
It was so exciting to be playing an entirely new game mechanic (for me) with a group of strangers.
We felt that we were the greatest detectives ever and high fives as a group when we solved the case.


Something that was a lot of fun was putting our Ethnos game on hold in order to play Root with @markkawika. Noting a lot of people stopping to look at the board, my wife put a piece of paper on it, reading “Pause.” A lot of people stopped to get a picture, including Matt! As he set down two cups of coffee, I warned him not to spill them on the game :smiley:

A SHUX photographer asked us later if anyone had been by to continue the game, because it had been sitting there for so long. When we told him it was ours, he just kind of laughed.

When we finished with Root, my wife wrote “Play” with the universal play symbol on the other side of the paper and took a video of me pushing it before we started up again. Luckily we had paused right at the beginning of the third age, so it was easy to pick up where we left off.

Speaking of Root, my friends and I were really grateful to have the opportunity to try it out. I did HORRIBLY with the Eyrie faction! Sounds like my friends might be picking it up at some point.

It was also great playing Inis again, only my third game of it, and the first time I’ve won! Other than playing Root with Mark above, this was the only game where I played with strangers. Nolan and Andrew, you were worthy opponents! I hope you enjoyed the game.


My favorite SHUX memories are absolutely the conversations I had with the people attending. Both people running the booths, the organizers, the internet faces I recognized and most importantly those who just wanted to play a game of something.

It was also really lovely to see so many people playing so late each day and having so much space to do so all day long. I traveled a really long way and spent way more money than I can afford (I combined it with a holiday to kind of justify it) because this for me is an expo all about the community. Whether or not I’ll be able to afford a third SHUX remains to be seen but if it maintains that warm, welcoming feeling it’ll be money well spent for whoever attends.


One of the most exciting things about my time at SHUX was how I traveled there alone, but by the end of the second day I had at least three different groups of people I could travel around with, bounce between, and be welcomed back into whenever I came around. Met some awesome people that I look forward to seeing again next year (or any time!).

Besides that, I really enjoyed just walking around the play areas and seeing what was popular. I had a lot of fun stopping by tables of people opening up a game I knew and asking if they needed someone to help teach them. I love teaching games and there were a few times I got to show someone how to play and then stop back later just to check in on how they were doing. Root, Ex Libris, Sagrada, Azul, Tigris and Euphrates. Games I’ve taught to my friends that I got to help new people learn and understand. Super fun and super satisfying!

Oh, and seeing four (!) simultaneous games of Sidereal Confluence was a sight to see.


Kind of weird that we’re all done talking about SHUX’18.

“We came. We had a great time. We’re looking forward to next year.”–that does sort of cover it, doesn’t it?


Oh yeah! Who’s game session is internet famous?



I remember seeing this when I came by to see you! I was amused. :slight_smile:


Hah! That game of Ethnos was paused because I was teaching the players how to play Root at the table next to it. They wanted to continue their Ethnos game, but we had pre-arranged to meet at a specific time so they could learn Root. Good times!


Though I turned out to be a terrible leader of the Eyrie faction.