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Back again for more game recommendations

Hi Everybody,

I’m in the market for a new game to play on Halloween with the family.

I’m thinking along the lines of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Ghost Stories.

any recommendations?

We already have Mysterium which is a hit.



Letters from Whitechapel is a nice one for halloween.

Alternatively, you can get the 10 Candles pdf quite cheap. Though it might be a touch too spooky for a family audience, depending on what your family looks like/is into…

I’ve had fun running halloween game nights for both of those.

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The artwork on Cockroach Poker is kinda creepy? Maybe that would work?

There’s been a few mentions of Horrified on the Your Last Played Game thread; a light co-op where players try to hunt down classic horror film monsters.

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If it’s dressing-up as EVILLLL you want, I can’t stop hollering about Disney Villainous which I’m sure everyone here is sick and tired of hearing from me about. The second expansion just came out.

The physical board-games of D&D, not the PnP game, of Ravenloft (blah blah! vampires and monsters, and the players will probably die quickly!) or The Legend of Drizzt (oh jeez, the baby spider clusters, the freakiest minis. I’m still having trouble bringing that one to the table any day of the year, the clusters of dammed baby spiders! shudder. Thanks for recommending these to me @Tika! (no seriously, thanks for recommending them, the D&D board games are fun).

I keep saying the same things every year though, one of which really is Ghost Stories, but you have to play it by candle light. It’s one of my favorites, and the candles thing does make it kind of more awesome. (anyone else comparing it to Forbidden Island, Desert, "Theme-X" doesn’t get how truly spooky those dammed figures are as they attack).

Blah blah blah anything slightly related to Cthulhu, Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness, even Cthulhu FLUXX.

If it’s a party, though, Zombie Dice is not a good game, but it is a fun party game. You can stick it in a pocket and it’s very inexpensive.

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I was going to suggest The Doom that Came to Atlantic City, which involves being Elder Gods trying to open enough gates into (lightly refluffed) Monopoly territory to take over the world (it’s not actually Monopoly though, and while it’s a fairly light game it has much more decision-making and modern design than Monopoly). Unfortunately, it was a Kickstarter game and although Cryptozoic rescued the project after it failed, it doesn’t seem like it’s currently in print - Amazon has copies only from a third-party seller and for nearly $100 when the original price was half that. It is a fair $50 game, especially with family. It is absolutely not a $100 game.

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Of the FFG Arkham games, Elder Sign (aka Cthulhu Yahtzee) and Final Hour are probably the most accessible ones.

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This isn’t a recommendation but a pointer towards Obscurio, which is getting a lot of buzz and seems to be a sort of spiritual successor to Mysterium. I’ll also always recommend Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space for a tense good time.

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LMAO :rofl:

I was actually going to bring up Obscurio, but I feel like it’s too similar to Mysterium to own both? That being said, it is the game I’ll be getting for Halloween. Played it at SHUX and IT’S FRICKING AMAZING.

What an insult to Yahtzee!