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Awkward marketing: either this is social commentary or no one read the book


Canada’s largest chain of bookstores is called Indigo. I was at an Indigo store yesterday and noticed an incredibly odd marketing campaign. This marketing was everywhere, including a giant poster filling the whole front window of the store.


This looks normal enough, but the book the woman is reading is about a community of girls and women being drugged and raped by men and told it was ghosts/demons. It’s inspired by a true story about a Mennonite community in Bolivia where this happened to over 100 people. I’m guessing not a single person involved in approving this marketing campaign read the book, because this is an incredibly odd choice in context.


Looks like the did the photo based on the cover alone… Or someone has a very odd sense of humor!


I mean they seem to thoroughly enjoy the book. I just think it’s funny that so many people have viewed this thread but…I mean what do you say? It’s so…I don’t know…odd? surreal? If this isn’t a commentary then…that’s poor research but if it is then…kudos? I don’t even know what to say about it.

EDIT: White people…am I right?


Now THAT made me laugh!

How about this…

Good lord I’m thirsty how about a nice bottle of…


EDIT: In googling Pocari Sweat I found this store in London.

Who thought this was a good name for a clothes store?!



My guess: someone who thought that being memorable was more important than anything else.

And they may have been right. I mean, it’s still open, in London, where rents are not cheap.


I never drank that personally but it was popular back home! It’s basically a Gatorade that isn’t as sweet.


It makes sense considering it focuses on activewear. And it’s doing pretty well for itself.

In a similar vein: I’m always perplexed by how little thought gets put into song selection for adverts, etc. Like all the times London Calling gets used for something because it’s set in London. Or anything involving House of Fun by Madness, despite it being about buying condoms.


I have had Pocari Sweat. It is thoroughly disgusting. Mitsuya Cider, on the other hand, is where it’s at! And my wife swears by C.C. Lemons.