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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Thanks, Oly. =)
I gotta say, this school; the kids are rough around the edges but the faculty have been nothing but the most welcoming and supportive people from the principal down. I always feel like I can ask anyone for help and that the Year 9 cohort has my back. As a long term minimum wage veteran of both the hospitality and call centre industries it’s…a world of difference.


I don’t know how people keep their sanity in call centres. On the first day my friend just got up, walked out and drove home. They were cold-calling people looking for them to upgrade or switch services or something, and had to keep following the script no matter how pissed off people were. Couldn’t handle the guilt of annoying people so much combined with the abuse… Then again I don’t know if I could handle working with kids. I’m guessing a few would get “lost” while out on the dunes…


Ha, I always worked inbound in service which was a lot nicer.


UPDATE: So clearly life is more stressful and full for me since I started this game. But I refuse to let it die!

@Oly suggested that they or someone else could take over the map-updating duties, for which I would be grateful; I use a free program called Paint.net and I’ll need to walk someone through the process I use to keep everything organised; the master file has something like 20 layers each maintaining a specific typeof component :wink:

That way you can just ping me when you need me to deal you out cards.

This way, the game keeps moving and you haven’t wasted several months.

Is this amenable to folks?


@CarrotandStick I’m up for learning how to update the map. If you teach me I can teach the others :slight_smile:


Well, I suppose there isn’t any hidden information in the folder, so here you all go:




That took me 2 hours last night! I wanted to use Inkscape so I imported everything and had to remake all the tokens.

Can everyone check and make sure I didn’t mess up? @CarrotandStick can you do a collections phase (if you didn’t do it ~24 days ago) and give everyone this:
House keeping:
Bene Gesserit +2 blood spice
Atriedes +7 blood spice.

Fremen loses Special (Semuta Drug) and Shield. Emperor loses Poison (Gom Jabbar) and Shield. Probably we need a map update after all the dying…

Then we are on to Phase 6 collections.
Emperor +2 for Carthag.
Bene Gesserit +2 for Arrakeen
Guild +1 for Tuek’s Sietch
Guild +8 (4 troops x2) spice collection.

Then tell me where to put the storm and the spice!

Edit: It looks a bit fuzzy to me in the post, but if fine when I click on it. Any advice to make it sharp in the post Carrot?


Lovely work!


Thanks, this looks great!


All (@CarrotandStick, @PangolinPaws, @Oly, @IsAnythingReal, @RossM), I just realized we haven’t done anything for almost 3 months.

Shall we assume this is dead? Or maybe subconsciously, I’m pushing for a flurry that maybe we can all do around the Holiday season if you are all interested.


Let’s call it a draw.

Guild wins.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I actually have a new baby due in the next week or so, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate.


Good luck pango! I’ve got one coming mid January. I think it fitting that the Guild would win after having never fought anyone :wink:


Thanks all for a really good time. I enjoyed this immensely, so I wanted to write a summary of my experience as the Bene Gesserit. There was a lot of backstage drama via private messages, which really made the game for me; here’s my view of it.

In the beginning, there was the Guild. The Guild wrote to me straight away looking for an alliance and I was on-board for cooperating, although I was fairly sure that they had written the same message to everyone. He introduced me to the Emperor and we began a triple alliance in a message thread called “double super conspiracy”. Looking back at that title, I should have expected the knife. I figured my problem would be getting spice, so teaming up with these two seemed like a good plan. I knew that myself and Atriedes were a powerful combination, but we got off to a very poor start with our negotiations. As for the Fremen, they were a rock. I never heard from them, and when I reached out after the “secret agreement” truth trance, I received a terse response:

me - "This private agreement you have has generated some lovely speculation in the PM’s. I’ve been accused of being your co-conspirator, so I guess I need to catch up on backroom conspiracy to live up to expectations. So if you have any shenanigans you’d like to try, let me know, "
Fremen - “Sure will”.

That was it for the whole game. Whoever was in cahoots with the Fremen had a loyal ally.

The secret triple alliance was working beautifully. We were threatening each other in public, starting bidding wars for me not to attack Emperor/Atreides and I was getting spice out of it. However, I was screwing Atreides over, and our already poor relations got worse. I tried to get information out of Atriedes leading up to my first (disastrous) fight with the Fremen, but we couldn’t work out terms. I had my alliance, and was suspicious that Atreides was in cahoots with Fremen. I was also overly confident of winning against the Fremen, so the negotiations didn’t go well and the Fremen kicked my ass. I learned the cost of losing battles.

The upshot of the buttkicking was that Atriedes figured out I wasn’t friends with the Fremen, and began to help me a little with getting the cards I needed to fight the Fremen, but we weren’t exactly buddies:
Atriedes - “Sorry, that’s a bit more information than I’m willing to give for free”.
I was letting both Guild and Emperor know I was talking with Atriedes and getting some info, but in retrospect that’s what triggered the Emperor’s paranoia of a Atreides-Bene Gesserit alliance. Suddenly, after being weakened by the Fremen, the Emperor pounced on me and our triple alliance was done.

This was a great moment in the game. I was betrayed! I couldn’t understand why the Emperor jumped on me and my suspicions that the Fremen, Guild and Emperor were in a secret alliance were justified, and they had duped me into a sham alliance to keep me from joining up with Atreides. I waited and wondered about the Guild. Perhaps the Emperor had moved without consulting them? I reasoned that if the Guild was an ally, I’d get a message from them straight away renouncing the Emperor’s move. I didn’t, and I never trusted them again.

Being betrayed and left to die in the desert had its upsides. Myself and Atriedes finally began to work together. I told them everything I knew and what had being going on. I figured I was either with them or the game was done. Atriedes saved me, and I was fully committed to winning with them. It’s odd given how this is a forum based game all about betrayals, but the journey had changed my outlook. I even wrote to Carrot to ask if I could forgo playing a betrayal card if I won in an alliance and didn’t want to betray my ally. Anyway, with myself and Atriedes in a losing position against the three others, we were pushed into fully working with each other. With Atriedes Prescience and my Voice, we were powerful enough to take them on and came roaring back into the game.

That pretty much ends the backstage stuff. The lines had been drawn for me at that point, and I was out of the political side of the game. Thanks for reading and thanks again to Carrot. This quote feels about right:
“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
― Frank Herbert


I will write my side up as well.

There was also a triple secret thread


Quadruple secret thread


Looking forward to it :smile: