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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


And here’s mine:

Faction Leader Troops Attack Card Defence Card
Emperor Bashar (2) 4 Poison (Gom Jabbar) Shield


If I’m correct @Oly wins by one and their leader survives?


Huzzah! Also, nice formatting on that table.

I will keep both attack and defense card. @IsAnythingReal and @Knish can start. Knish gets to publically voice first.


Two spice in blood money?


So close!


I’ll voice that Fremen must use Shield for their defense


I have sent my desired prescience to @CarrotandStick, so just confirming that @IsAnythingReal has sent his battle plans there given what I have voiced…




Hi, I’m alive! I’m so sorry, work has swept me off my feet.
Game is still going…


Also congrats on @Knish for post 666! :sweat_smile:


Sorry for a bit of a delay. I was out camping for 5 days with the family with no internet connection. I’m back and have submitted my battle plans to @CarrotandStick

Faction Leader Troops Attack Card Defense Card Total
Atreides Thufir Hawat (5) 4 Poison (Ellaca Drug) Snooper 9
Fremen Stilgar (7) 8 Special (Semuta Drug) Shield 8

Atreides Victory.
The Fremen discard Semuta Drug and Shield. Stilgar and 8 troops are moved to the Tanks.
The Atreides may choose to discard. 4 troops are moved to the Tanks.




Wow it’s all going wrong!




I keep my cards


Okay, I’ve been out of it a bit (obviously) =P What’s next? More battles?


House keeping:
Bene Gesserit +2 blood spice
Atriedes +7 blood spice.

Fremen loses Special (Semuta Drug) and Shield. Emperor loses Poison (Gom Jabbar) and Shield. Probably we need a map update after all the dying…

Then we are on to Phase 6 collections.
Emperor +2 for Carthag.
Bene Gesserit +2 for Arrakeen
Guild +1 for Tuek’s Sietch
Guild +8 (4 troops x2) spice collection.

Then we do storm.

(Also Bene Gesserit +2 for CHOAM Charity, but that’s just before Phase 3 Threachery).


Okie dokie
I had a HELL of a day at work so I will get updated maps for you all tomorrow.
I will not forget about the game for two weeks again
I promise
hides in shame


No worries Carrot, I appreciate you running this thing.