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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Hmm could be us. We need to voice publically first right? Let me check rules…


Looks like BG vs Emperor


Fremen vs Atreides


•The precise sequence of activities in a battle is:

  1. Bene Gesserit and Allies issue the Voice command,
  2. Play Karama to cancel the Voice.
  3. Atredies issue the Prescience question,
  4. Play Karama to cancel the Prescience.
  5. Answer the Prescience question (if not canceled).
  6. Atredies Play Karama to view entire battle plan.
  7. Play Karama to cancel Kwisatz Haderach.
  8. Play Karama to cancel Sardaukar or Fedaykin bonus.
  9. Commit battle plans.
  10. Reveal battle plans.
  11. Resolve the battle.


Sorry got distracted by a bit of torture there. Purifying minds and all that. BG issues the following Voice command:

Emperor must play a Shield.

@PangolinPaws, will you play a Karama to cancel that?


No, I will not be cancelling that.


Ok for presience, I think you submit plans to carrot and I ask one thing you played. You can cancel that too, so let carrot know if you do.


All done. Over to you @Oly and @CarrotandStick


Have PM’d carrot with my question. In the mean time, I reckon @Knish and @IsAnythingReal could get started on theirs with Atreides using Voice, unless you want to see what happens with us before deciding?

Actually, maybe better to wait. If I lose then it’s all down to that battle.


That doesn’t seem likely right now, though…


Traitors… traitors lurk everywhere…


Good to hear you’re confident of my victory though, I’ll inform the troops. They’ll like that.


Oh yes, I’m very confident, you’ll be fine, perfectly fine.

…traitors really are everywhere though, aren’t they


@CarrotandStick waiting on prescience reply from you.


Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been absent, my new job is…cerebrally demanding =P
I’ll try and have something up tonight!


Okay, I’ll get onto combat now, but first please behold the token stack redesign and tell me if it’s better or worse. I think better?


Rules stuff:
“When resolving battles, the first player is named the Aggressor until all battles involving their Army Tokens have been fought… Then the player to their immediate right then becomes the Aggressor and so on, until all battles (in an area) are resolved.”
So my understanding is that the Emperor is the Aggressor (“Ties are won by the Aggressor.”) as he is before me in the player order, even though I moved into an area to initiate combat. Let me know if I’m wrong there.


That is, indeed, correct.


Does that mean we’re waiting on me (I’ve lost track again)?


Waiting on :carrot: now. The battleplan submission and presience bit is done on my side.


For sure a worm got him. @PangolinPaws we may as well see who won. Here’s what I submitted to @CarrotandStick, who can confirm latter if he gets out of the worm’s belly:

Defense card: Snooper
Attack card: Poison

Troop strength: 0
Leader: Wanna Marcus (5)