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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


It’s definitely Guilds turn now. No more passing @RossM!


Only one day of teaching left for the year, so I will do this tomorrow.


Firstly I revive three troops from the tanks.


Then shuttle down all 4 to habanya ridge flat for spice collection!


For 4 spice. (Unless I can ferry them into the sietch for 2 spice and then move then, in which case I do that.)


I think the sietch is fully occupied, but not sure of the exact rule.


Okay, I’m here, I’m alive, map soon

EMPEROR: Revive 1 Sardaukar and 2 regular troops for 2 Spice. Ship to Carthag for 2 spice (half for Guild Alliance). Spice paid to Guild.

ATREIDES: Revive 3 for 2 Spice. Ship 5 to Habbanya Sietch for 5 Spice.

BENE GESSERIT: Revives 1 for free. Was already hostile in Carthag, so has access to Thopters. 3 for free to Sink, Carthag stack Thopters to Arrakeen.



When Guild shipped, I want to put one into the polar sink for free. Thats +3 in total for the round, as Guild, Emperor and Atriedes all shipped.

Edit: Also, welcome back!


So guess who has two thumbs and is 110% certain I’ve gotten something wrong on the map? THIS GUY


I count 7 in the Polar Sink, but there was 5 before so I think it should be 8? Can we put little numbers on the stacks? It’s hard to count :frowning:


See, I thought about doing that, but a) there’s limited visual real estate, and b) it looks like butt
I’ll do it if folks want though =)


I vote for small butts when the stack is more than 5.


Or how about slightly offset the stack every 5 units? So the top 5 sit slightly off center from the 5 below it?


I was considering a ring of dots around the faction logo as well?


Sounds aesthetically pleasing.


How nice that we’re pleasantly discussing army aesthetics right before all hell breaks loose in what will definitely be a game-changing battle!


One must look one’s best. My eyes hurt trying to count the stacks. Is it 9 Sandy Bois Vs 8 Atriedes?

Perhaps a bigger dot for every 5 troops, then different colored and smaller dots for the remainder?


Fight time? Let’s do the fighting!


Who are we waiting on?


I think it’s battle phase. What battles do we have?