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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


You are such a darling.


Okay, so I screwed something up. One moment folks.


He was never heard from again…


Worm got him.


That sentence now a contender for my headstone…


Haha you clowns. =P Have updated orders from the Fremen, map tonight


Sorry for the delay, folks. I’ll have a move ready today.


I’ll revive 3 Sardaukar for 6 spice, plus 1 Sardaukar for free thanks to the Emperor’s Prison planet ability.

All 4 of these will be shipped to Carthag for 4 spice.


BG ships one into the polar sink with Emperor’s shipment. How many do you have in Carthag now @PangolinPaws ?


I can’t actually see the map as Dropbox links won’t open from my workplace, but it’s 4 more than there were before :smile:


Um…okay, so revival: the absolute maximum revival is three. You can revive one special token as part of those three. I believe the Emperor gets one free revival.
So…four spice will get you a Sardaukar and w regular troops?


Sorry, sorry, you’re right I’ve now actually read the rules :sweat_smile:

I revive 1 Sardaukar (free) and 2 regular troops (2 spice), shipping them all in to Carthag (3 spice).


Is that spice correct with the guild special ability being shard by alliance partners?

Also, Guild takes all the spice.


Very important to add that point :smiley:


Guild, do you move or pass?




Atreides revives 3 from the tanks and ships 5 units (2 in reserve, 3 recently revived) to Habanay Seitch (should be eight there now).


Revive my only troop. With the last two off planet shipments, I put 2 more troops into the polar sink for free. For my shipment, I ship nothing. For movement, I move all my troops(10?) from Carthag to Arrakeen, where they will become hostile to the Emperor’s Saudaukar.

Sorry for the delay, I was wandering in the desert and couldn’t get good Wi-fi.


All excuses should be possible ingame excuses.


Hi, apologies for being away for a bit, my new job as a teacher has been meteoric (I’ve already been given a term of work. It’s my sixth day.) and my brain has been GOGOGOGOGOgets homeMUuuuussshhhhhhhhhh so I will get onto this…at some point XD