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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Are we starting again? Can I be Atreides this time?


Hi, sorry, I’ll get to this tonight! ALSO I HAVE A NEW JOB I’M GONNA START TEACHING IN 2 WEEKS


CONGRATULATIONS! Teaching is vocation, I don’t think I’d last a week before the pain box came out.


Flee, flee before it’s too late!

(Seriously, welcome fellow teacher, what age group?)


Sorry again, folders updated.

And I’m teaching years 7-9.


Likewise woop!


Also, regarding victory; an alliance must control [2 + the number of members] strongholds in the Collection phase to claim victory.

Current state:
Guild/Fremen/Emperor Alliance: 4 of 5 Strongholds
Bene Gesserit/Atreides Alliance: 1 of 4 Strongholds

I hope that clarifies things?

Please commence the Movement phase (opening with The Guild as usual) when ready.


Guild passes


It’s @Knish’s turn right?
It’s however is closest to the storm counterclockwise, right?


@IsAnythingReal I thought it was you…


Here’s the latest map.


Oh, I looked at the wrong map sorry
I am going to regain 3 normal troops and put 5 normal troops and 2 fedaykin on Habbanya Ridge Flat
Then I will move my 2 fedaykin and 6 troops into Habbanya Sietch


FYI, I’m going to be without internet access for the next 3 days for Independence Day (or if you are British, Rebellion Day). I’ll probably be back online on Friday July 6th.

Good luck to the English National Team in the World Cup this afternoon and evening. I’ll be rooting for them…


Guild pass


@PangolinPaws turn, right?


I haven’t declared yet, I’m hostile in Carthag, but will coexist in Tueks sietch.


Oh ok sorry


No it was me, I forgot I had to do that. @PangolinPaws over to you.


I’ll get an updated map to you guys sometime tonight. =)


Thank you, I’ll wait for that before I move