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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Apologies. Current hand count is:
Atreides: 2
Bene Gesserit: 3
Emperor: 4
Fremen: 2
Guild: 4


Ok thanks, unpause :slight_smile:

The Emperor should have 2 cards and is able to bid, based on this

@IsAnythingReal you to bid first.


Folders updated
Thanks for that!


Fremen bid 1


@PangolinPaws the suspense is killing me.


Sorry, this draft response is just lying here. Thought I’d posted it!

Emperor pass!


Atreides pass


BG bid 2


@IsAnythingReal it’s only you and me.


Fremen Pass


@CarrotandStick BG wins card for 2 spice.


2 spice to the Emperor!


And my turn to bid, I believe.

Emperor bid 1


Actually I believe it is still Fremen turn because last one should have started with Guild but they automatically pass


I thought Fremen started last time?

Edit: Ah ok I see what you mean. Dunno.


Essentially Fremen will be first again, just determining if it’s on this card or the last one


Fremen bid 1


Then I jumped the gun, but my bid still stands :smile:


@PangolinPaws you only bid 1 before, so need to outbid the Fremen if they are going first…


Emperor bids 2