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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


I haven’t read the books, but played the video game and since starting this PBF have watched Dune 2000. I’ve also attempted Dune 1984, but it’s so terrible I had to stop. I’m thinking I should give the book a go… well the first one anyway.


The Dune 2000 RTS is now free to download. So many hours of my youth were lost to that on PS One!


Have you heard about the movie by Denis Villenueve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Sicario) that’s coming up?


Also the 1984 adventure-style game? That was my PRIMARY SCHOOL, man. I played that on my damn Amiga 500.


Dune 2000 is available here (as are many of the eaely Command & Conquer games):

I’m going to have to see if I can find a copy of that adventure game!


Hmm that deadline came up quick. I’d like to declare an alliance between Bene Gesserit and House Atreides.


Confirmation from @Knish ?






The Bene Gesserit and House Atreides have entered an Alliance! They require 4 of the 5 strongholds to claim victory over Arrakis. A rules reminder that the Bene Gesserit special victory counts as a Betrayal with a value of 9.

The Fremen, The Guild and The Emperor have entered an Alliance! They require control of all 5 strongholds to claim victory over Arrakis, or to ensure no victor until the end of turn 10 (as per The Guild’s special victory condition). A rules note; while technically The Fremen victory condition could also apply, it is more complex than The Guild’s whilst also requiring the player(s) to run down the clock, and is therefore at this point somewhat irrelevant to the alliance’s goals.


(This is not where I expected this to go…)


What was your reading @Abubu ?


(Me either to be honest!)


I was thinking Guild would go for the solo… Y’all must have pretty strong betrayal cards to be in an alliance of three… (*Stirs pot vigorously)


(I was expecting two groups of two, one solo, and I certainly didn’t expect Bene Gesserit and Atriedes lmao)


Agreed. Maybe those last 6 hurt, but I thought Guild was in a strong position to make a solo run… especially with all that spice he is accumulating


Still less than the Emperor I believe.


No comment


Well, now that everyone’s had time to process…

The Spice Blow phase continues…
A Spice Blow has erupted in Habbanya Ridge Flat! 10 Spice is available for collection.
Atreides Prescience gives them a glimpse of the future…

Phase 3 - Treachery
5 Treachery Cards are available for bidding.
The Emperor and the Guild have 4 Treachery cards and may not bid.
The Bene Gesserit collect CHOAM Charity.
Bidding begins with The Fremen.
Atreides Prescience warns them of pending treachery…


Can I pause? I might want to play a card here before Phase 3, but it depends on how many treachery cards Fremen has? I have 3.

Edit: Also the Emperor discarded his cards after the last fight, so only has 2.