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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Sorry for the delay, battle plan sent!

Faction Leader Troops Attack Card Defense Card Total
Atreides Duncan Idaho (2) 9 Projectile (Hunter-Seeker) - 9
Emperor Cpt. Aramsham (5) 10 Projectile (Stunner) Poison (Snooper) 10

Combat goes to The Emperor. 10 Atreides troops, 1 Sardaukar, and 8 Imperial troops are sent to the Tanks.
House Atreides discard Projectile (Hunter-Seeker). The Emperor may choose to discard Projectile (Stunner) and/or Poison (Snooper).
7 Spice in blood money goes to The Emperor.


Phase 6 - Collections
The Guild collects 6 Spice from Rock Outcroppings.
The Emperor collects 4 Spice for Carthag and Arrakeen’s Carryalls.
The Guild collects 1 Spice for smuggling contacts in Tuek’s Sietch.
House Atreides recieves 4 Spice in bribes.

Preparing for Turn 5


FYI, not that it matters, but for posterity, my battle strength was 9, not 5.


Isn’t that more blood spice for Emperor then? Not sure how that is calculated…


No, blood spice is only based on the value of the leaders, which stays the same.

Also, just to make sure, Duncan Idaho & Capt. Aramsham go to the Tanks as well. Wasn’t mentioned and isn’t on map


Emperor discards both Stunner and Snooper

I’m glad, I thought for a moment I’d wasted all those troops!


I debated on doing 10 vs 9. Wasn’t sure if you were going to be cute and try and win with dialing 8 or lower


Sorry, you’re right it was 9! And I’ll add the leaders to the Tanks shortly. I always forget SOMETHING. =(


Turn 5

Phase 1 - Storm
House Atreides uses Weather Control!
The Storm has travelled 6 sectors.
The Fremen taste the winds…
The Guild are now First Player.

Phase 2 - Spice Blow

6 Guild troops in Rocky Outcroppings are devoured by sandworm attacks.
A Nexus immediately occurs…


Ok I did not know that Guild would get eaten! So non-Fremen troops anywhere on sand get eaten when a worm appears? How will the Nexus go down, is it all out in the open who will join with who?


Only in the last place the Spice appeared (hence the blue mark reminding folks)
Feel free to engage in as many backroom deals as you like, but remember that formal Alliances a) give you some of each others powers (you should have an Alliance card in your folders?) and b) backroom deals are explicitly non-binding. :wink:

Actually, I’m going to put a copy of all the Alliance cards in everyone’s folders so you can see what they do.

In case you were wondering, yes, the Emperor’s Alliance power is as broken as it sounds. Yes, even that broken.


Quick logistical question on this. If an alliance is reached, do the corresponding parties announce? Or is there a time limit and then all alliances are revealed at that time? Should we set an allotted amount of time that alliances have to be announced by Saturday 6:00pm GMT or something?


That’s fair. I will give all parties until 9am Greenwich Mean Time, on Sunday the 27th to formally announce any alliances.


Hi I’m the Bene Gesserit, I like long walks on the sand dunes, commanding you to do things against your will, and pain boxes. PM me if interested in friendship, and maybe more…


Hey, meanwhile everyone chooses who to momentarily coexist with, I wanted to ask if everyone has read the book. I have just started reading the book, and love it!
I am going to guess @Oly has, due to the pain box and the Voice Bene Gesserit reference, and probably also @CarrotandStick.
Anyone else?


Yes, I’ve read two and a bit. I loved Dune but didn’t get into the sequals as much for some reason.


I managed to get through all six. Once.
I love the first, and think Dune Messiah and Children of Dune were tolerable, but when Clone #47,823 of Duncan Idaho climbs a cliff in such manly fashion he makes a celibate Amazonian warrior bodyguard spontaneously orgasm near the end of God Emperor of Dune I kinda mentally checked out.


Wow… maybe I quit at the right time


I read them all when I was in high school 30 years ago, but barely remembered anything that happened in the sequels. I read just Dune last year and loved it…again.