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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Wasn’t thinking of the storm. I assume you can only reach habanaya ridge flat after you move. That’s two spaces from greater flat. I didnt think you can actually make the Sietch from the greater flat.


Freman can always move two, can’t they?


I think so. Appear within two of flats and move two.


They can do both on the same turn? I didn’t think they could.


Yep, If I can shuttle on planet and move, it makes sense they can shuttle into the desert and move.


Well, I don’t really shuttle my troops; they more like are born out of the sands of Arrakis. But, just to be clear, the problem Atreides saw was that I couldn’t spawn my troops and move them in the same turn?


Or maybe it’s my misunderstanding. I thought that if you don’t spawn them in the Greater Flat, that counts as movement, or is the rule that you can spawn them within 2 of the Greater Flat AND you can then move them still? If that is the case, then in the words of Gob Bluth…“I’ve made a huge mistake.”


Where are we? I’m assuming that the next step is the battle in Habanaya Sietch, correct? And that would be the Fremen dialing in their battle plans and sending to @CarrotAndStick.


Let’s wait for a map update.


Yeah, I can birth my children on any terriotry two away from the Great Flat and then move them, just as if I had shuttle them in.


Whoops, there’s a move I wouldn’t have done had I fully understood this rule. My bad


Hello, I am here and alive and catching up now
I would allcaps but Disqus won’t let me



FYI @RossM just making sure you understand that on planet shipping still costs you half as normal (i.e. 3 spice)


I did not understand that! But, yes sure, Im going to make it back in spice collection this turn anyway.


Is this the next step? I just want to make sure we’re not waiting for me :slight_smile:


No, battle plans are noted, busy life again. I’ll act on the Atreides Prescience and check again tomorrow. =)


Thanks all for your patience; was a few hours away with my mum and son taking him to his first live stage performance yesterday. =)

Faction Leader Troops Attack Card Defense Card Total
Atreides Lady Jessica (5) 5 Poison - 5
Fremen Otheym (5) 5 Projectile Projectile 5

Combat goes to House Atreides as the First Player takes tied combats. 6 Fremen troops, 1 Fedaykin, and 5 Atreides troops are sent to the Tanks.
The Fremen discard Slip Tip (Projectile) and Shield. The Atreides may choose to discard their Elacca Drug (Poison).


Wow that was a close one :slight_smile:


I will keep the Poison card. Also assume that Atreides gets 10 spice in blood money.

Next battle inImperial Basin


Just waiting on a battle plan from @PangolinPaws