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Avalon Hill's Dune - Play Thread


Turn 1

Phase 1 - Storm
The storm has been set to its starting position.
The Bene Gesserit are now First Player.
The Fremen have tasted the wind and know the storm’s future movements…

Phase 2 - Spice Blow
A Spice Blow has been detected in Hagga Basin!
Atreides Prescience has given them a glimpse of future spice blows…

Phase 3 - Treachery
Five Treachery cards are up for bid.
Atreides Prescience has given them a glimpse of future treachery…
Bidding begins with the Bene Gesserit…

Avalon Hill's Dune - PbP General Discussion Thread

Bid 1 spice.

Edit: Bid order: Bene Gesserit -> Guild -> Fremen -> Emperor -> Artriedes.


Guild pass . (I think it’s my turn.)


Fremen pass


Emperor bid 2 spice



Icons, players and starting spice. Current turn order from top to bottom.


Very useful. I hadn’t realised the Atreides were as rich as me to begin with!


You’re about to get an unholy amount richer if this goes like any other Dune game I’ve played…


Oh, I’m counting on it. Great wealth makes up for incompetence, right? :smile:


Atreides pass


Bene Gesserit - Pass

Next card:

Bene Gesserit - 2 spice


@Oly you dont start the the second bid; I think @RossM does


Does the bidding for the first card not continue until we go round the ‘table’ back to the highest bidder without their bid being topped?


No I think once you pass you are out of the round.
@IsAnythingReal ok!




Oh and if anyone wants to involve me in super conspiracies, PM me.


I would assume that once you pass you are out (but we should confirm). With that said on this first card, the Emperor still has the ability to outbid BG.

And my understanding of the rules is that once we are done with the first card, then we rotate and the Guild gets first bid on the 2nd card, etc. It’s pretty clear in the rules that in each treachery round, each player gets to start the bidding on one card.


Emperor outbid the BG on first card already, and everyone has passed except emperor.


Yep, sorry, I missed that.

So yes, I assume the Guild will then have the starting bid on the 2nd card.

Also, I’ll need to wait on my bid until I see it. (Love the prescience)


I’m not sure what’s better, your ability to know the cards or the emperor getting so rich that they can just buy them all anyway…