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Asmodee Digital Game Humble Bundle


Asmodee is offering a lot of digital games here, for only a few bucks.

Thought y’all would want to know.


Thanks for sharing. Though I do have to say, I’d be much more interested in this game bundle if they were all, or even most, on Android. I’m pretty much only on a computer when I’m at work these days, so those just don’t interest me that much, unfortunately. I’m sure others who DO use computers at home will be much more interested though. :slight_smile:


Aggg! Splendor haunts me! I have it on my Amazon device and the apps been busted for a while. Now all I have on is Ticket to ride".
It is nice to have a digital copy. That’s how I found out the rule in TTR that the second 3 wilds added in the pool, it gets discarded and redelt.
I agree a droid app pack would be nice.


Very understandable. It’s a weird bundle where you need to have a Windows computer, an iPhone, and an Android phone to get all the bang for your buck. Plus some of those games are rather long for my tastes in a phone game, so I’m passing on the bundle.

The free Onirim app for iPhone will remain my go to for a board / card game on my phone.


Huh, I thought in some earlier bundles, I got Steam keys and mobile versions of the games in question.


This is a great Bundle for the price. Blah blah blah technical issues… It’s a great price for 18 good-to-great games.


The apple icons are actually for Steam on Mac. There isn’t anything there for iOS on iPhones/iPads.