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Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix Born - thoughts?

Hey all,

I’ve been thinking of grabbing Ashes for awhile, and the core box (and a few expansions) are currently on sale at a Canadian site.

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with the game. I know Paul recommended it back in 2015, but than there was some drama, but it appears to be back on track.

I’ve wanted a game to scratch the MTG itch for awhile, and this seems like a great option, especially since all of the cards come in pre-constructed decks, which is how I would like to play.

It seems to have a nice back and forth tempo, while mostly avoiding the 1 turn power-combos found in MTG.

Also the art is mostly gorgeous, and the cards all have a beautiful “clean” look that I like.

Thanks all!

I’m a big fan and own all the expansions, but I don’t get to play it enough. Although it says it plays up to 4, I’d say it doesn’t work so well at more than 2.

Other than all the stuff you’ve touched on, I really like that I don’t have to bother with building decks at all. I can buy an expansion and it’s immediately something new and interesting I can play with.

I don’t know if it was drama; I think there may have been adjustment problems after Asmodee bought Plaid Hat.

I have it, but have yet to play it because I generally don’t play 2P games aside from occasional fillers.

The obvious question from me is have you tried Keyforge? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I think while the pre-constructed decks are playable, I think the ultimate intent was for players to build their decks.

@bruitist Yeah, I love that it’s all pre-con’s, even if the intent is for people to construct decks. My understanding is they are fairly balanced overall.

How long do you find the average match takes? I’m looking for something around 30-60 minutes, for weeknights. We already have enough 1v1 games that are longer and only come out on the weekends.

@Tika Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view), I play at 2 players 90% of the time or more, so the 1v1 nature is perfect (it’s why I have so many skirmish games).

No, I haven’t played Keyforge. To be honest, I don’t really have much interest. I may pick up a couple of packs, but I’ve heard really mixed reviews. I know Matt and Quinns liked it, while SVWAG (and someone else I listen to/read) barely consider it a game.

Yeh, it should fit that once you’re up to speed with the game. Things would be a bit slower if you’re unfamiliar with a deck.

Yeah, I would expect that.

I’ll give it some additional thought. It’s been on my radar for awhile, and the sale has me really interested. I just want to be sure I don’t buy it because it’s on sale. I already have a few of those in my collection :roll_eyes:.

Have you guys tried out the drafting mechanics? I don’t care much about deck building either, but if the drafting can be done in, say, 10 minutes I think it would be worth considering as an option to the ready-made decks.

For Ashes? I just ordered it Friday night, so no we haven’t :smile:.

I have heard the drafting system they have is really good though. If we get bored of the pre-con’s, we might give it a go.

Any favorite expansions you’d recommend? Aside from the deluxe ones, as the dice on those are needed by other newer expansions anyway.

A lot of Ashes expansions are now going for sale, since Plaid Hat announced the end of Ashes.

The Path of Assassins would be my top recommendation as all the cards just have basic symbols for their cost. So they can easily be included when building decks or you can use it as a full deck with any combination of dice.

The Duchess of Deception is an interesting/difficult deck as it’s all illusion.

And The King of Titans has dinosaurs.

It’s actually been awhile since we played.

We enjoyed the original 6 expansions (including the 2 “deluxe” expansions which are quite fun), but haven’t tried the 2 “new” ones yet.

I think this needs to hit the table again soon!

It may be perverse of me, but while I didn’t think much of this when it came out… now I’ve played a few games and it looks like just the sort of thing I want to get into. So I’ve ordered a second-hand base set and I’ll be keeping an eye out for sales of the other stuff.

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Looking forward to hearing what you think! I expected to enjoy it, but I was somewhat surprised with how much my son took to it. Though I don’t know why, now that I think about it…

Would the Path of Assassins still be a first pick if you only play premade decks? By having no dice requirements it just sounds inbalanced compared to others :slight_smile:

I only play premade, so yes :stuck_out_tongue: It’s very handy as it means you can always use it, regardless of what other deck someone else picks (whereas others, they might have nabbed all the dice you need).

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Yes. This is why I like Ashes. No deck construction needed. I’ll just let them take whichever Phoenixborn they want and Bob’s your uncle.

Except for Aradel. They can’t pick Aradel because she is my waifu.

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